Vegas Gearing Up for Annual SEMA Show


Specialty Auto Gathering at Convention Center

All eyes in the automotive industry will be on Las Vegas this November as the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) holds its annual show at the Convention Center. Although the show is not open to the public, expect to see a wide variety of super cars and odd configurations on the streets of Vegas. More than 100,000 attendees are expected to be on hand to see the latest in accessories, performance parts and concept vehicles. Some of those concept cars may one day end up on the show room floor at one of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

More Than 2,500 Products Offered

By the time the show begins on November 1, show officials say more than 2,400 companies will be displaying at least one new product. Auto industry leaders attend the show to find new items to increase sales and pad the bottom line. More than 1,500 trucks, bikes, ATVs, UTVs and cars with insane modifications will be on display as exhibitors use the show to demonstrate the uses for their products. Business building seminars on topics like social media, marketing and customer service are also part of the show. Everything from collision repair to proper human resources etiquette will be discussed in different forums.

Public Can Attend SEMA Ignited

At the end of the SEMA show, exhibitors will be rolling out their specially modified vehicles to the Gold Lot at the Convention Center in an event that is open to the public. This party, titled SEMA Ignited, not only gives people a chance to see all the cool cars and trucks, but also features food, music and a few celebrities. As part of the Battle of the Builders, competitors will enter their vehicles into a judged contest to see who is the ultimate builder. A special “Young Guns” category is new this year for builders age 35 and younger. Fans of the TV show “Overhaulin’” will recognize master builder Chip Foose, who was one of the 10 finalists last year with his integration of a 1965 Chevy Impala onto the frame of a newer Corvette. SEMA Ignited promises to be great fun for the entire family. General admission is $20 for the show, but students and military personnel can get in free with a valid identification.

Find Your Specialty Vehicle Today

Interest in unique automobiles and muscle cars always goes up around the time of the SEMA show. If you’re interested in something a little newer or more fun to drive, head over to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for the best deal on a new or used vehicle.



Cold Weather Relatives Bound to Appear

There are a few constants in Las Vegas that would be a sure bet if any casino was foolish enough to take the action. 1. It gets hot in the summer. 2. Everyone thinks they will be the one to be the big winner. 3. Most people are disappointed. 4. Your cold weather relatives will treat your house like a vacation resort from October through April. Along with all the other great things about living in Las Vegas, the winter weather is a sure draw for those people who are tired of scraping ice off their windshields. You could continue to drive them around town in the treasured vehicle that you bought your sophomore year in college, or, you could visit one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is to upgrade your ride.

Selection, Selection, Selection

Just like location, location, location is the most important thing in real estate, a wide selection is one of the key factors in selecting a vehicle. With two new car dealerships, a lot totally devoted to gently used vehicles and the only Ram Truck center in Nevada, Chapman Las Vegas offers a wide selection of brand new and quality used cars. Before any used car goes on the lot it undergoes an extensive safety examination to make sure it is roadworthy. Chapman’s certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle inventory only carries Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with very low miles. These vehicles are usually only a couple of years old or newer and retain the rest of the factory warranty, along with an additional CPO warranty, giving you peace of mind that any covered problems will be addressed.

Now’s the Time to Buy New

Every fall the new model year necessitates dealers move out the previous model year vehicles to make room for the new crop. That means massive savings, rebates and special finance and lease deals on select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. With the new Pacifica replacing the Town and Country minivan in the Chrysler lineup, you can expect great deals on the former king of people and cargo hauling. With power sliding doors, Stow ’n Go seats and tons of creature comforts, the Town and Country is the perfect vehicle to show the family the sights of Vegas in relaxed comfort.

Servicing Your Vehicle is a Snap

If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your vehicle, at least make sure all the maintenance is up to date. Go online to the Chapman Las Vegas website and you can schedule your service at your convenience, making sure the service center has the parts you need. That way you’ll be back on the road in a flash, taking the cousins from Ohio on another trip to Hoover Dam.


Drive When You Want

When the State of Nevada made rideshare driving legal late last year, it opened up a world of opportunity for drivers who want to make a little extra cash with services such as Uber and Lyft. For those who don’t know, rideshare drivers use their own vehicles to transport riders around town. Since Las Vegas is a mecca for tourists, the opportunities here are endless to take people from casino to casino for shows and gambling. According to Edmunds, one of the top consumer publications in the auto industry, there is one thing in common with three of the top five rideshare vehicles; they are hybrids. If you’re looking for a new or gently used vehicle for ridesharing, check in at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Roominess and Efficiency are Key

Remember that to be a successful rideshare driver, you need a vehicle that not only carries people, but also can carry stuff. You’ll be hauling a lot of luggage around, so it’s important to get something that has some cargo room. At the top of Edmunds’ list is the Chevy Traverse. The Traverse isn’t a hybrid, but it can seat up to eight people and get 22 mpg on the highway. As a rideshare driver, you will be paying for your own gas so you need to weigh that when purchasing a vehicle.

Hybrids Now Offer More Room

Although many rideshare drivers utilize the Toyota Prius, the most recognizable hybrid can be limited in cargo room. Larger models such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid and Lexus RX 450h offer more room for storage, a comfortable ride and nice interior appointments. These cars also offer up to 47 mpg in combined driving, meaning you’ll be wasting less time and dollars at the gas station. Remember there are varying levels of rideshare driving, with the highest paying gigs reserved for vehicles like Escalades, Navigators and Town Cars. Those vehicles are much more expensive, and can carry different licensing and insurance requirements. Make sure you get all the information before you make a decision on which car to buy.

CX-5 Provides Room and Mileage

Search the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships website for a deal on a gently used Mazda CX-5. This popular mid-size crossover vehicle is fifth on Edmunds list, providing, room, comfort, power and wonderful fuel efficiency at 33 mpg on the highway. Remember to check your rideshare company’s requirements before purchasing any vehicle. Although conditions vary, most of them don’t want cars more than a few years old. They also must have at least four doors and pass a safety check.

Five Tips to Thwart Car Thieves

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Hourly Thefts Add Up in Vegas

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun, the city and surrounding area experiences a car theft about once an hour. The worst zip code for car thefts is 89119, followed closely by 89103, 89109, 89121 and 89115, but thieves will take any car, anywhere, especially if it looks like an easy target. Your best bet is to keep your car in a secure garage, but not everyone has a garage. Talk to the service pros at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships to find out the latest in alarm technology, including GPS locators and ignition cut-off switches. Here are some other tips to help your car avoid a trip to the chop shop.

1. Don’t Keep Valuables Inside Car

You may think you’re being clever by putting your valuables in the trunk or under the seat, but thieves are pretty tricky. Stashing anything of value, including jewelry, firearms and even cash, is an open invitation to someone looking to make money the easy way. Thieves watch people they think are vulnerable, whether you’re coming out of an expensive store with a purchase or simply putting things away before heading in for the night. Take your valuables inside with you.

2. Park in Lighted Area

While thieves are bold, that doesn’t mean they are interested in taking on any more risk than necessary. Thieves like to work in the dark, under the cover of nightfall, where public security cameras and spying eyes can’t quite make out what’s going on. If you can’t park in a garage, park in a well-lighted place that’s as conspicuous as possible.

3. Make Theft as Difficult as Possible

When you’re talking to the service advisor at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, consider a multi-layer approach to protecting your car. Alarms alone frequently just annoy the neighbors, so you might want to add a cut-off switch, locking steering wheel bar or some other device to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves.

4. Lock Your Car

Perhaps the most important safety tip of all is to lock your vehicle, even if you’re just leaving for a few minutes. The Las Vegas Police Department says locking your vehicle reduces your chance of theft by more than 60 percent.

5. Keep Information Handy

In the event your car is stolen, make sure you have all the pertinent information handy. You might keep data like the year, model, color and make of the car on your phone, along with the license plate and VIN number. This helps the police get information out quicker, giving you a better chance of recovering your vehicle.

How to Get Best Price on Your Trade-in

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Pick the Best Season for Demand

There are many great tips on how to get the best for your trade-in, but one of the top ways is to pick the best season to sell your particular brand of vehicle. Although it’s generally sunny in Las Vegas most times of the year, the rainy season probably isn’t the best time to cash in on your primo LeBaron convertible. Also, if gas prices are on the rise, the demand will be lower for a gas hogging SUV. If you see a lot of vehicles similar to yours on the lot at one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, chances are there might be a better time to do a trade.

Know Your Stuff

Don’t go into the dealership totally blind about the worth of your vehicle. Websites like and have vehicle value calculators that do a reasonable job of providing a ballpark estimate as to what your ride will bring in a private party sale vs. a dealership trade-in. Remember, dealers have a responsibility to sell only safe, dependable cars, so if yours is going to need a lot of work to bring it up to snuff, make sure you figure that into the trade value. As mentioned earlier, demand is a big factor as well. If you’re trading in a minivan and you see 20 pre-owned minivans on the lot, you might not get as much as you expect.

Bring it Back to Showroom Condition

If you can’t bring it back to showroom condition, at least give your car a thorough scrubbing both inside and out. If it costs $20 for a premium car wash, you’ll get that money back in spades by just taking the time to show you have pride of ownership. If a used car appraiser has to move aside hamburger wrappers and drink cups just to take a seat behind the wheel, that person may not be as motivated as possible to put a big number on your trade.

Let the Dealer Know What You Know

It doesn’t help your case to play dumb when it comes to the negotiation process. The sales staff and management at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships will be up front with you through the entire sales process, so it helps if you’re up front with them. Just mention that you’ve researched your vehicle online and found it to be worth $X. They may agree with you, or come back with a different number and offer an explanation why the figures don’t match. Either way the negotiation process doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Chapman Las Vegas professionals don’t play games like holding your keys or your license. These are modern dealerships that want to create a pleasant shopping experience so you’ll come back the next time you need a new vehicle.


Value Center Now Dedicated to Truck Lovers

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently reported, the Chapman Value Center on Boulder Highway has undergone a facelift and now serves as the only pure Ram Truck Center in Nevada. Although it will still sell different models of new and used cars and trucks, the attention will be purely on the Ram brand of pickups. As part of the Chapman Las Vegas family of dealerships, the Ram Truck Center is the place to go for your next Ram truck.

Ram Trucks Offer Variety of Choices

From the eight different trim packages on the Ram 1500 to the larger 2500, 3500, Chassis Cabs and Promaster Vans, Ram has a truck for every possible need. The Ram 1500 Tradesman is the truck of choice for many individuals and contractors who just need a basic truck to haul materials or cargo. Other choices, like the Big Horn, offer a more sophisticated interior. The Rebel adds some sporty styling and your choice of the standard 5.7L V8 Hemi or the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6. Move all the way up to the top-of-the-line Limited edition for a truck that is as luxurious on the outside as it is in the cabin. Extensive use of chrome accents and a premium leather interior make this truck at home whether you’re heading to the opera or an off-road adventure.

Only Half-ton Truck to Offer Diesel Option

The Dodge Ram is the only half-ton production truck to offer the choice of a diesel, making it far and away the most fuel-efficient choice among all competitors. The diesel produces an impressive 420 pound-feet of torque along with 240 horsepower, making sure you’re not sacrificing payload and towing power for fuel efficiency. Ram trucks offer a four-corner air suspension system that helps level heavy loads along with increasing fuel efficiency on the highway. When you reach highway speeds, the truck automatically lowers to achieve the best aerodynamic performance. Other technology helps keep your tow load stable and gives you the ability to start from a dead stop on a hill without drifting backwards.

Truck Center Offers Best Selection

By converting the Value Center to the Ram Truck Center, Chapman Las Vegas is capitalizing on the demand for the popular trucks. “This is an exciting strategic move for Chapman and our dealerships here in Southern Nevada,” Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram GM Don Hamrick told the Review-Journal. “The Ram truck continues to be a best seller and with our dedicated location, we’re delivering on the expectations of consumers, offering the best selection of new and pre-owned Ram Trucks.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.04.17 PM

Slightly Used Vehicles Still Come With Warranty

Head to the Chapman Las Vegas website and click on CPO Inventory to find a large selection of vehicles worthy of Certified Pre-Owned status. These vehicles come with the remainder of the factory new car warranty, a 7-year/100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain, along with a 3,000-mile, 3-month Maximum Care Coverage that includes more than 5,000 components. Each vehicle also comes with a complete Carfax report, so you know whether it has been in an accident. Other features of the CPO program include roadside assistance, an allowance for car rental, 3-month SiriusXM subscription and the ability to upgrade your warranty at any time.

125-Step Inspection Ensures Vehicle Worthiness

People opposed to buying used cars always say “you don’t want to buy someone else’s problems.” There’s not much chance of that with the CPO program, because each vehicle has to undergo a thorough 125-point inspection of all major components, fluids and equipment. To qualify for the program, the vehicle must have less than 75,000 miles, be no more than 5 model years old, have no frame damage and a clean title. The vehicle must also not have any accessories installed that would compromise emissions, safety or the vehicle’s operation. Each vehicle is also detailed inside and out to bring it back as near to showroom condition as humanly possible.

Save Thousands With CPO Inventory

By heading to the Chapman Las Vegas website and viewing the CPO Inventory, you can not only find the perfect vehicle for your needs, but you can also save thousands off the cost of a new car, SUV or truck. Sadly it’s true that once a new car drives off the lot the owner loses a substantial sum to depreciation. By purchasing a CPO vehicle, you let someone else suffer that loss. Click on any of the vehicles on the website and you’ll see a suggested retail price followed by the Chapman price. There’s also a link on the website where you can call up the Carfax report and see the complete history of the vehicle from its date of purchase. You can also see if the vehicle has a salvage title, was a rental or personally owned, and how much original factory warranty is still available.

Save Time and Shop Online

Use the Chapman Las Vegas website to view the company’s entire selection of new and used vehicles. You can pick the vehicle you want without spending time walking around the lot in the heat. Once you have your new car, truck or SUV, use the website to also schedule your regular maintenance appointments. You’ll get in and out of the service center quickly without any hassle.


Gorgeous Park Covers 229 Square Miles

If you’ve tired of the bells and whistles at your favorite casino and just can’t bear to take in another show, either take your vehicle or rent a car and drive about 2 ½ hours northeast of Vegas to Zion National Park. Located in the southwestern corner of Utah, Zion National Park offers stunning scenery of mountains and sandstone formations, along with some amazing hikes. Although it’s cooler at Zion than Vegas, it can still get a little toasty in summer, so make sure you take plenty of water if you’re planning on exploring the trails. Before you head out, swing by one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships to get your fluids topped off and see if there are any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. There’s a lot of desert between Las Vegas and Zion National Park that doesn’t treat stranded travelers well.

Shuttles Take Hikers Around Park

If you go in the summer, Zion National Park has shuttles that will transport you from one trailhead to another. The Park offers hikes of varying levels, from ones that are like a simple stroll through the park to others that will test your levels of endurance and fortitude. One of the most spectacular hikes is also one of the shortest. The Weeping Rock Trail only takes about 30 minutes to complete, but it guides you under a magnificent sandstone formation that drips water. Canyon Overlook Trail takes twice as long and gives lucky hikers the opportunity to see some goats. Guard Rails help in some of the tougher spots. If it’s hot out, try the Narrows via Riverside Walk, which takes you right through the river as you navigate the Narrows. The Lower Emerald Pool Trail takes you right underneath a waterfall to cool you off.

Biking, Birding and Camping Provide Fun Options

If you’re not much of a hiker but like the idea of seeing Zion’s majestic canyons, perhaps biking, birding or even camping is more to your liking. You can bike on all the park roadways as well as the Pa’rus Trail. Shuttle busses help you get from trail to trail. Each bus has at least two bike racks. You cannot ride through the Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel, which is narrow and has no shoulders. Even if you’re not an experienced birder, take some binoculars and with any luck you can see a California condor, Mexican spotted owl, bald eagle and Peregrine falcon swooping high above the canyon walls. Campers have their choice of three different campgrounds, so it’s important to make a reservation ahead of time. Zion National Park offers a different view of the world than the one found in Las Vegas. Just make sure to get your vehicle checked at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership so you can get there and back without incident.

Schedule Service Online at Chapman Vegas


Get in, Get out, Get Home

With the heat of the summer upon us, it’s important that you keep up with your regular maintenance at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. No one really wants to venture out into the heat any more than necessary, but by taking advantage of the online scheduling service, you can get in and out in record time. Online coupons offer tremendous savings on oil changes and other important maintenance services for any make or model vehicle. With each oil change, Chapman Las Vegas technicians will replace the oil and filter, lube the chassis, check the air filter, tire wear, wiper blades and tire pressure, check all lights and turn signals, test your battery, and check and fill all fluid levels. Keeping your fluid levels topped off is especially important as temperatures climb into the triple digits.

Quick Lube Joints Don’t Offer Peace of Mind

Although it may be tempting to swing into one of the quickie lube places some day when you’re out to lunch, getting your service done at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership offers many advantages. For one, you create a relationship with a service advisor who comes to know your vehicle and can keep you in the loop as to when regular maintenance is needed. Your service advisor will also keep you informed on any possible recalls or warranty repairs. By utilizing the online coupons, dealership service is not only more professional, but frequently cheaper than those other shops. Your service advisor will never try to upsell you to a part or service that you don’t need.

Collision Center Only Authorized Shop in Vegas

The Chapman Las Vegas Collision Center is the only repair center authorized to repair Chrysler and Jeep products in Las Vegas. If you have a few dings or dents, you can either call or contact them online to make an appointment for everything from collision and paintless dent repair to replacing cracked or pitted glass. If you’re looking to restore that showroom shine, the Collision Center also offers a detailing service that will make the exterior and interior look like new. You’ll have to leave your car for service, but the pros at the Collision Center can work with you and your insurance to arrange a rental car. The Chapman Las Vegas Collision Center is certified by ASE, DMCV and i-Car Gold. They offer free estimates no matter what make or model of your vehicle.


Internet Offers Important Information

Long gone are the days when a person would show up at a car lot with no real idea of what they wanted or how much it would cost. The advent of the Internet puts a literal mountain of information at the fingertips of every consumer, helping them make many decisions before they ever leave their home. The Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are in front of the technological wave that provides knowledge like inventory, price and vehicle history reports right from each dealership’s website.

Make a Budget

Before you go looking for a car, it’s good to know exactly how much you can afford. If you’re paying cash, remember to add in the taxes and fees, as well as how much the new car will change your insurance payment. If you plan on financing the vehicle through traditional financing, use the Internet to know what kind of percentage you are looking at. If you have superior credit, many times a dealership can offer the best deal on a finance rate. Leasing is becoming a more popular option, especially if you like to get a new car every 3 years or so. Lease payments are generally lower than traditional finance and many automakers have great lease deals on particular models.

Know What You Want, Know What You Need

While you may want a Bentley or Lamborghini, that might not be the best fit for either your situation or pocketbook. Take a good long look at what you actually need and then try and find a vehicle that fits those requirements while ticking off as many of your “want” items as possible. For instance, if you have a large family, perhaps a large SUV or minivan is what you really need. But, if you have a hankering for leather seats, a killer sound system and a moonroof, that may put those vehicles out of your budget range. In that case, a slightly used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle might be your best bet.

Know Your Trade-in Value

Although you can go to many different Internet consumer sites to establish your vehicle’s trade-in value, there are many factors that may make that value different than what a used car manager will actually offer. For instance, if you have a Honda Accord and the dealership already has a glut of Honda Accords on the lot, they might not offer top dollar. Similarly, if you’re buying a vehicle that is in high demand and short supply, the dealership might not be as quick to offer as much for your car. Talk to the pros at Chapman Las Vegas and they can tell you exactly how to get the most for your car while landing the new vehicle of your dreams.