‘Depend’ is Not One of its Abilities

One of the most important features of any vehicle is dependability. If you find yourself saying a prayer, rubbing the head of a red-headed boy and reciting a good luck mantra every time you step into your vehicle, it might be time for a trade-in. No one likes a car payment, but the lease and financing deals at any Chapman Las Vegas dealership are surprisingly affordable, and usually much less than the monthly bills at the local auto parts store. Have credit problems? The finance pros at Chapman Las Vegas have plenty of contacts to help you get an affordable loan.

Safety is a Prime Consideration

So your 1985 Chevy has served you well. It’s taken your kids home from the hospital, hauled them to soccer practice and was where you got your first kiss. It is also dangerous. Safety technology has improved vastly in the last 30 years, with strategic airbag placement, smart chassis design and driver assistance features that help avoid collisions. Something to think about.

Is it Time for Expensive Maintenance?

So, you’ve just passed the 150,000 mile mark and your Yugo is living on borrowed time. It needs tires, a timing belt, new windshield, an alternator and gosh knows what else. There’s an old saying “don’t chase good money after bad.” Before you spend a couple of thousand fixing up the old wreck, see what that type of down payment can get you at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership. One tried and true formula according to edmunds.com: “If the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle or one year’s worth of monthly payments, it’s time for another vehicle.”

Peace of Mind is a Good Thing

You’d really like to go on some day trips; maybe go see the Grand Canyon, maybe head up to Aunt Lucy’s house in Reno, but you’re just not sure the old boat will get there without a problem. Trading your car in on a new vehicle gives you at least a 3-year, 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty along with free roadside assistance if you get in a jam. It’s better to part with your car when it’s still running than to wait and have to call a tow truck.

You Know Your Mechanic’s Kids’ Names

Have you spent so much time at your local service station that you not only have a first name relationship with the mechanic, but know the spouse and kids names as well? That’s a sure sign that you are pouring way too much money down the drain fixing an old car. If your car is a classic, that’s one thing. Spend the money, cherish it, keep it in the garage until your Sunday brunch drive and be ready to pull over and pull a wrench. But for daily transportation nothing beats a dependable late model car that includes all the technology the 21st century can offer.

Spring is Perfect Weather for a Drive

Before the temps turn back to the broiling point, take a few weekends and escaped the bells, whistle and neon lights of the Strip and explore the interesting areas and lush landscapes surrounding Las Vegas. There are mountains, lodges, horse riding and a whole host of activities to keep your family occupied and provide a break from the city. Before you head out, make sure you get your oil changed, fluid levels checked and tires inspected at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Head Northwest for Mt. Charleston and More

Take Route 95 northwest of Las Vegas an hour or so to get to the Mt. Charleston Mountains and the Mt. Charleston Lodge. You’ll be fascinated as the scenery turns from desert to heavily-treed mountains. Roll down those windows to take advantage of the brisk air before enjoying lunch at the lodge. You can stay overnight, or head back towards Las Vegas and stop by Lee Canyon, one of the best skiing spots near Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon Filled With Recreational Opportunity

Head west about 32 miles from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon, which features a beautiful 13-mile drive through statuesque rock formations along with many opportunities for hiking, picnicking and enjoying nature. Red Rock Canyon is part of the National Parks System, so it’s free if you have either an annual or senior pass. It costs just $7 a day per vehicle to enjoy the park. Head a little farther west on Highway 159 and you’ll hit the Old West town of Bonnie Springs. It has everything you’d want for a day of fun, including a train, gun fights, cowboys and a zoo. Make sure you take plenty of pictures to make lasting memories.

Moapa Paiutes Indian Reservation Offers Unique Landscape

Take I-15 about 30 miles north to see the sandstone formations that are part of the Moapa Paiutes Indian Reservation. This prehistoric flood plain has some of the most unique landscape in the area. There are plenty of places to have lunch and buy souvenirs. The Moapa Valley is also home to the Valley of Fire State Park, where 40,000 acres of sandstone formations, petrified trees and petroglyphs make for an interesting afternoon. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle before taking off across the desert, please stop in at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, where customer service is the number one priority.

Arm Yourself With Information

According to the Kiplinger website, a recent investigation by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department found that less than a third of insurance agents offered information on discounts that would have resulted in significant savings to customers. The moral of that story is that you need to do your homework when shopping for car insurance, which starts with a visit to NAIC.org. That consumer website has links to your state insurance office where you can research complaints and find more information that may be helpful to get you lower insurance rates. As you probably already know, insurance can vary greatly depending on the year and model car you drive. If you’re looking for a more insurance-friendly vehicle, head to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for the best selection and price.

Shop Around and Compare Premiums

It used to be more of a pain to shop around for insurance than it is these days. No longer do you have to call a dozen agents, simply compile all your vehicle and driver information and just paste it into an e-mail. Send one to all the major carriers, and then check out independent sites like InsuranceQuotes.com. If you take the time to check out a dozen or so insurance companies, you might be surprised at the wide variation in rates. Of course, price is not the only factor. You need to do your research to make sure that an insurance company will also pay off in a timely fashion should you ever be in an accident.

Take Control of Your Teen’s Driving

If you have a 15-year-old that’s thinking about driving next year, you’d best hold onto your hats. Teenage insurance rates can bring a parent to tears, and if your child should get a ticket or an accident, the rates just keep climbing. There are things you can do, including making sure your teen qualifies for good grades discounts, driver-training discounts and make sure you buy a car that’s safe and consider a good risk. Some car companies even have teen driving features that help keep rates lower. Ask your friendly sales pro at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership about the best car to keep your teen driver safe and the rates as low as possible.

Drive Safe, Raise Your Deductibles

Keeping that lead foot off the gas is a very good way to keep your insurance rates from rising. Even a simple traffic ticket can have a very negative effect on your monthly payment. If you have a fairly low deductible, consider raising it to $500 or $1000. True, that will be money out of your pocket if you have a claim, but you can quickly make that back in monthly savings.

Cars Need a Little Discipline Too

So, you’re into your first week of your New Year’s Resolutions. You’ve cut out cigarettes, are faithfully going to the gym and stocked up the fridge with veggies and lean meat. Congratulations, but your little four-door friend in the garage could use a little discipline as well. Face it, you spent $20K or $30K or ? for that ride that you fell in love with on the lot at one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, but it’s been a while since you got a wash, cleaned out the inside and can you remember when you last changed the oil? Here are a few simple resolutions to help your car to a happy and healthy 2017.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Plan

A well-maintained vehicle is a happy vehicle. Sure, it’s a pain to take it in for oil changes and regular maintenance, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you haven’t had the oil changed in a while, take it into one of the Chapman Las Vegas service bays today for a complete check-up to get the year started off right. They’ll change the oil, lube all components, check fluids and rotate your tires. Then write on your calendar “love my car” the first week of April, July and October so you don’t forget. A well-maintained car is also more fuel-efficient and less likely to break down.

R-E-L-A-X. Be a Passive Driver

Are you really in that big of a hurry to get to work? Take your foot off the gas and relax when you’re driving. People are going to do dumb things in front of you, so give them plenty of room and don’t take it personally. You’ll not only get to your destination safely, you’ll also have less stress. According to greenliving.com, slowing down will also boost your gas mileage and lower emissions. Slow down, save your car and save the planet. It’s a win-win-win.

Take Advice to Heart

We know. You think all mechanics are trying to rip you off. Your dad thought that, so it follows that you will as well.  Give the service advisors at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships a chance and we think you might just change your opinion. The advisors are up to date on the latest technology for your car, as well as any recall bulletins that may be issued. By developing a close relationship with a service advisor, at least you’ll have the very latest information on what type of maintenance your car needs, whether you choose to act on it or not. But working with a service advisor, you can come up with a plan to act on maintenance issues as you can afford them. They’ll also let you know if any of your car’s problems are a safety issue.


Car Adornments are the Gift that Keep on Giving

Stuck for an idea for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life? How about a shift knob, intake snorkel or floor mats for their prized vehicle? The parts departments at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are loaded with great gift ideas ranging from hats and jackets to replica cars and accessories. Whatever gift you decide on will be a reminder of your affection everytime that person puts it on or steps into their car.

Jeep Has Never-ending Supply of Gifts

If that person in your life owns a Jeep, they are well aware that the brand stands for “Just Empty Every Pocket.” There is a never-ending supply of accessories and after-market parts to make the ultimate off-roader even more ultimate. Accessories range from just a few dollars up into the hundreds, fitting every budget and desire. Get something as simple as door sill guards to help protect a Wrangler from scratches, or a nice front end cover to keep the bugs and dirt off the paint. Chrome exhaust tips, an aluminum fuel filler door or a number of attractive graphics that cling to the metal are all very affordable. If you want to step up in price, consider an upgraded chrome grille, a hard top or a special Jeep emblem. The list of gifts is virtually endless. Talk to the pros at the Chapman Las Vegas parts departments to see which accessories are the most popular.

Muscle Cars Need Love Too

If your gift recipient owns a Dodge Challenger or Charger, there are literally hundreds of gifts in all price ranges that make those special cars just a little more awesome. A premium Katzkin leather interior kit starts at about $800 and goes up, depending on how many seats you cover. A cool stainless steel racing pedal kit can be had for under a hundred bucks. An upscale license plate frame is always a welcome gift for well under $50, or you can spend a bunch more on a hood scoop or replacement hood.

Give the Gift of Maintenance

If you just can’t decide on a new hat, jacket or splashy car piece, why not choose the gift of maintenance. You may not be able to gift wrap a tire rotation, oil change or 30,000 mile checkup, but they all make great presents for the car lover in your life. Take a few minutes out during your holiday shopping to stop by a Chapman Las Vegas dealership parts department to see all the possibilities to fill that special someone’s stocking.


Examine Your Lifestyle for the Answer

If you’re considering a new vehicle this holiday season, one of the things you need to ponder is whether or not you will lease or buy your new car. The finance experts at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships can provide a more comprehensive answer than space allows here, but there are some advantages to both finance options. The old saying “if you lease a car you’re just throwing your money away,” really doesn’t apply in the 21st century. Leasing can be an excellent way to get more car for the money with a lower down payment.

What Are the Advantages of Leasing

According to noted consumer auto advocate edmunds.com, there are many benefits to leasing a new car. Along with the afore-mentioned lower monthly payments, you can usually get into a lease for a lower down payment and the monthly bill allows you to get a more premium level vehicle. Since most leases run the same length as a vehicle’s factory warranty, your car will always be covered for serious repairs. You also pay less sales tax and don’t have to worry about trade-in value at the end of the lease. You simply turn the car in and get another.

There Are Some Disadvantages to Leasing

It’s true, unless you exercise the buy-out option at the end of the lease, that you will never own the vehicle. If you’re a person who likes to pay off a car and keep it for 5-8 years, then a lease is probably not your best bet. Most leases also limit the mileage to between 12,000 and 15,000 per year. If you consistently drive more than that, the penalty could be excessive. You also can’t modify a car to any great extent (other than hanging a pine tree air freshener from the rear view mirror) during a lease. They like to get them back pretty much stock.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying a Car

If you buy a car, whether you pay cash or finance, at some point you’ll eventually own it. It usually takes at least 3 years of making payments, sometimes longer, to reach a break even point where the vehicle is worth as much as you owe. If you try to trade it in before that time, you’ll likely be “upside down” and have to make up the difference between what you owe and what its worth. Talk all the options over with your finance specialist at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership to see whether leasing or buying best suits your needs. They’re happy to work with you to get a payment and terms with which you can be comfortable.

Ways to Get Your Car to 200,000 Miles


You Take Care of It, It Takes Care of You

With most cars well north of the $20,000 mark and many in the $40-$50K range, it makes sense to get the most out of your investment. Many people think that getting 100,000 miles out of a vehicle is about all you can expect, but in truth its not uncommon to get twice that or even more as long as you maintain your vehicle. For many people a new car is an emotional buy, but remember it is a mechanical object made of steel and nuts, bolts, gears, valves and a thousand other parts that need attention. Getting regular maintenance at a service center like the ones at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships is a good place to start your road to 200,000 miles.

Fluids are Life Blood of Your Car

Think  of the fluids that run through the various systems of your car as human blood. If your blood pressure gets low, chances are you aren’t going to have the same energy or ambition as when you’re feeling fine. The same is true of your vehicle. Low oil pressure can make your car stutter and stop and eventually lead to a ruined engine. It’s important to change and check the oil on a regular basis. You need to keep a close eye on the brake fluid, coolant level, transmission fluid and power steering fluid as well. New cars rarely need any type of fluid added, but once you start getting past the 60,000 mile mark, there may be some leakage or burning. By getting a regular oil change at Chapman Las Vegas, all your fluids will be checked and topped off.

Stay on Schedule

Every car comes with a maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, with specific items listed at certain mileage intervals. By going to the same service center all the time, the service advisor will become familiar with your vehicle and let you know about upcoming maintenance so you can plan your budget.

Love Your Car

Loving your car doesn’t mean you have to sleep in it, but it does mean you need to show pride of ownership. Clear out all those french fry baskets and empty cups on a regular basis. Keep it washed and vacuumed and you’ll have more desire to get more miles out of it.

Change Those Filters

Changing the air filter on a modern vehicle is a simple process that will add thousands of miles to the life of the car. You’ll also want to follow manufacturer instructions on when to change the cabin air filter, and of course change the oil filter with every oil change. The service advisors at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are eager to get to know your car and help you both live a long and happy life together.

Vegas Car Clubs Offer Four-Wheel Fun


Celebrate Everything from Corvair to Corvette

If you’re a fan of classic cars, sports cars, off-roaders or just vehicles in general, Las Vegas has a car club for you. Go to lasvegascarclubs.com and you’ll find links to information on more than 30 different car clubs, offering regular meetings, the chance to learn from experts and most importantly, tons of cool cars. If you’re looking for your cool car, or have one that needs serviced, stop by any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for excellent customer service from trained professionals.

Ferrari Club Open to Past, Current and Future Owners

The Ferrari Club of America, Las Vegas chapter, is looking for new members who either have owned a Ferrari, currently own one, or hope to own one at some future date. The club has regular events where you can get up close and personal with these amazing cars. “Our goal is to inspire ownership, operation, restoration and preservation of Ferrari automobiles,” according to their website. Mopars of Las Vegas is dedicated to Dodge and Chrysler fans, whether they own a classic 60s muscle car or a new Hellcat Charger or Challenger. The club currently has 228 members with 367 vehicles and is well-known across the nation. You don’t have to own a Mopar vehicle to join, but if you’re looking to pick one up you’ll get the best selection and price from Chapman Las Vegas.

Last Chance to Get a New Viper

If you’re looking to join the Viper Owners Association, Nevada Region, this is the last year to buy a new Viper. Fiat-Chrysler America (FCA) has decided to drop the unique sports car from its lineup. People love their Vipers, both for style and the sheer exhilarating performance of driving this beast. The Vegas Valley Mustang Club is for owners of Ford’s historic pony car, as long as its in “reasonably good condition.” This family-oriented club represents more than 50 years of Mustang production, including the Shelby GT models. Regular events give you a chance to show off your Mustang and talk to the public, promoting the club and vehicle.

Rambler, Gremlin and Pacer Owners Take Note

Tired of polishing that old AMC Rambler without showing it off? You need to join the Southern Nevada AMC Club. “Our club is devoted to promoting pride in ownership, restoration, preservation and recognition of these legendary cars,” according to the website. The club participates in a number of local car shows, as well as gathering socially for parties and barbeques. The list of car clubs in Las Vegas is an extensive one. Click on the link above to find out which one best suits your interests or start a club of your own.

Five Ways to Prevent Car Theft


Give Thieves a Challenge

Car thefts continue to be a problem in Las Vegas, but there are a few things every vehicle owner can do to help ensure their car will remain where it was parked the previous night. The key is to make your car a challenge to thieves, who look for the easiest prey possible so they can take the car quickly and hit the road. Things like alarms, steering wheel bars, window etching, and vehicle locators all contribute to making crooks think twice about taking a car. For alarms and other services that can help make your car less tempting to thieves, swing by any Chapman Las Vegas dealership and talk to a service advisor.

1. Lock it

The simple act of locking your car goes a long way toward making it less attractive for thieves. Lock your car when you leave it, and lock your car when you’re driving. Carjackers like to surprise drivers at stop lights by opening the door quickly. If your car is locked, chances are they’ll just run to a different vehicle. As long as you’re locking your car, if you’re in an area that suffers a rash of thefts, invest in a bar that locks across the steering wheel. Although professional thieves have ways of defeating those locks, the thought of fighting with a huge steel bar will deter people just out looking for a joy ride.

2. Empty Your Car

Only leave the bare minimum of paperwork and little else in your vehicle when you turn in for the day. Never leave your title in your car, and hide your registration where only you know where to reach for it. Often thieves can get away if they are able to produce a registration when stopped by police. Also take all the valuables out of your car, whether its money, electronics, jewelry or firearms. You don’t want thieves thinking they can get an added bonus by stealing a car full of cool stuff.

3. Install Anti-theft Device

Whether its an alarm, ignition cutoff or GPS tracking device, thieves don’t like it when car owners install anti-theft devices. It’s just another challenge that another car down the road may not have. Etching your VIN number in all the windows is another excellent way to deter thieves. Take a few minutes and talk over all the options with your Chapman Las Vegas service advisor.

4. Park Under a Light

The best place to park at night is in a secure garage, but if that’s not an option, try and find a well-lighted spot. Thieves like to work under the cover of darkness and will often avoid an area that is well-lighted, or has the possibility of being under a security camera.

5. Be Aware

Whether you’re driving down the street, coming out of a shopping mall or parking in your driveway, be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for strangers acting suspiciously and drive away if things don’t feel right.

Vegas Gearing Up for Annual SEMA Show


Specialty Auto Gathering at Convention Center

All eyes in the automotive industry will be on Las Vegas this November as the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) holds its annual show at the Convention Center. Although the show is not open to the public, expect to see a wide variety of super cars and odd configurations on the streets of Vegas. More than 100,000 attendees are expected to be on hand to see the latest in accessories, performance parts and concept vehicles. Some of those concept cars may one day end up on the show room floor at one of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

More Than 2,500 Products Offered

By the time the show begins on November 1, show officials say more than 2,400 companies will be displaying at least one new product. Auto industry leaders attend the show to find new items to increase sales and pad the bottom line. More than 1,500 trucks, bikes, ATVs, UTVs and cars with insane modifications will be on display as exhibitors use the show to demonstrate the uses for their products. Business building seminars on topics like social media, marketing and customer service are also part of the show. Everything from collision repair to proper human resources etiquette will be discussed in different forums.

Public Can Attend SEMA Ignited

At the end of the SEMA show, exhibitors will be rolling out their specially modified vehicles to the Gold Lot at the Convention Center in an event that is open to the public. This party, titled SEMA Ignited, not only gives people a chance to see all the cool cars and trucks, but also features food, music and a few celebrities. As part of the Battle of the Builders, competitors will enter their vehicles into a judged contest to see who is the ultimate builder. A special “Young Guns” category is new this year for builders age 35 and younger. Fans of the TV show “Overhaulin’” will recognize master builder Chip Foose, who was one of the 10 finalists last year with his integration of a 1965 Chevy Impala onto the frame of a newer Corvette. SEMA Ignited promises to be great fun for the entire family. General admission is $20 for the show, but students and military personnel can get in free with a valid identification.

Find Your Specialty Vehicle Today

Interest in unique automobiles and muscle cars always goes up around the time of the SEMA show. If you’re interested in something a little newer or more fun to drive, head over to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for the best deal on a new or used vehicle.