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Many could argue that manual transmissions are outdated and harder to drive, but they actually offer many advantages over automatic transmissions. For example, manual transmissions offer more control. It allows you to decide which gear you want your car to be in.  In most cases, this is just a matter of personal preference. If you like the control, or if you like to have a more active role in driving, or if you just  like to interact more with the car, then the manual can be a source of great satisfaction. Manual transmissions make driving more interesting, entertaining, and even fun; especially for the performance oriented driver. Chapman offers many used cars in Las Vegas with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Manual transmissions can also be money saving. According to Consumer Reports, manual transmissions can improve fuel economy by between 2 to 5 mpg, and can cut car prices by between $800 and $1,200 in the purchasing process. Furthermore, manual transmissions can cut on maintenance costs. The fluid on a manual transmission, for example, needs to be changed less frequently.

If, however, you could not care less, or if you want the car to make these decisions, then a manual may be a source of stress. The hassle of the manual may not be worth the added control to you, in which case a manual would not be for you.

Manual transmissions offer more potential for mistakes. Grinding the clutch is not fun, and stalling in an intersection can be embarrassing and sometimes dangerous. A stupid mistake can also seriously damage your car, such as accidentally trying to put the car in reverse when it is going forwards. Manual transmissions can also be tiresome in stop-and-go traffic, are to learn on, and can promote a rough ride if an unskilled manual driver is at the wheel. The car may lurch forward at every gear change, which is not a fun to experience as a passenger and is not so great for the car.

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