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Used cars on a budget

We at Chapman Automotive are committed to helping you find a used car in Las Vegas. We also feel that is important that you choose a reliable car that will last you the duration of your loan. If you are on a budget, or a high-risk borrower, to help offset the higher interest rates associated with high-risk, you should be considering something along the lines of an affordable subcompact, compact or entry-level midsize car. In most cases financing these types of vehicles can result in savings on interest, insurance and fuel expenses. There are also numerous options out there in the SUVs category that can be bought for a very agreeable price and in good condition with relatively low mileage. Here are a few of the best used cars on a budget, broken down by category:

Toyota prius  Hyundia elantra

Toyota Prius and Hyundai Elantra

Best in the small car category At 44 mpg overall, the Prius delivers the best gas mileage of any non-plug-in, five-passenger vehicle. The 2010 redesign brought more room, better brakes, and sound but not agile handling. For a slightly roomier driving experience, look for a Hyundai Elantra sedan. The Elantra gets 28/38 mpg city/highway with either the standard manual transmission or the available automatic.

toyota camry  infinity m

Toyota Camry and Infiniti M

For the sedan category, the four-cylinder Camry offers an impressive 26 to 27 mpg overall with in addition to a roomy cabin and superb reliability. The Infinity M is all that and more adding a powerful engine and a luxurious interior.

honda pilot Mazda CX-9

Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9

If it is an SUV you are looking for, the Pilot combines a roomy cabin, good driving dynamics, seating for eight, and respectable fuel economy in a package that isn’t too big to fit in your garage. The Mazda CX-9 is a more alert alternative with an even roomier third-row seat.

These are just a few of the best used cars you’ll find out there. For more information or for a complete list, visit a Chapman Las Vegas dealership.