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apps (1)It’s amazing to think of a time before smartphones and the apps that make them great. How did we ever find the name of that catchy tune, keep up with friends or find the best deals without them? Apps help us do everything better, they are a resource that can make searching, monitoring and learning easier. While we at Chapman Las Vegas obviously don’t recommend you use your smartphone while driving, here are five great apps that will make life on the road a little simpler.

GasBuddy: GasBuddy is a crowd-sourced app designed to save you money on your next fill-up. GasBuddy relies on community, gas station and credit card company reporting to map out the lowest gas price near you. It’s updated daily and each station’s price has a timestamp so you know when that specific spot was last updated. Contributors earn points for sharing price information and those points can be used to win gas cards and other prizes. The app also shows a national heatmap of current and historical gas prices and a trip calculator.
Trapster: If you’ve been pulled over, you know that sense of immediate regret that comes from going a little too fast. Trapster is designed to help you avoid that feeling by alerting you to speed cameras, radar guns and red-light cameras as you drive. Icons show the traps on maps or a voice alert can go off as you approach a trap or exceed the posted speed limit. Users can also report speed traps, cameras, construction, detours, and other hazards.
TripAlyzer: If you’re looking to maximize your MPGs, get TripAlyzer. It analyzes your frequently-driven routes and will coach you as you drive so you can get better mileage. It calculates how efficiently you drive and how much you’ve spent on (wasted) fuel. Users enter their current mileage and last fill-up and the app will calculate speed, direction, distance, elapsed trip time, carbon footprint of the trip and idling time. A voice alert will tell drivers their current fuel efficiency.
TextArrest: Using your smartphone while driving is anything but smart. TextArrest disables texting and email apps on phones whenever the car is traveling at least 5 MPH. The user’s phone’s screen is locked so no texts or emails can be sent or read.
CarMinder: Have trouble remembering when your car’s maintenance is due? It gets even hard if you’re managing a multiple-vehicle family. Plug in your vehicle’s recommended service schedule and let the app do the rest! It logs service visits and repairs, as well as tracking gas mileage.
SafeDriver: If you’ve got a new driver in the family, you probably spend your fair share of time worrying about safety. This app monitors the location and driving practices of teens on the road. Parents will be alerted via text or email when their child exceeds a specific speed and even shows parents on a map where the speeding occurred.