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Would you like to boost your fuel economy by at least 15%? The following tips from Chapman Las Vegas will show you exactly how! More and more drivers are looking for ways to save on fuel in light of the soaring gas prices.

By following your car’s recommended maintenance schedule along with a few minor tweaks, you can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by 15%. Not only will you make positive environmental impact, you will also spend less for fuel.

Drive The Speed Limit or Below.

Driving at 75 mph on the highway can increase your fuel consumption by 20% as stated on However driving at a steady 55 mph will save you up to 15% on your gas mileage. Remember that for every 5 mph over the 55 mph, you will be spending an additional $0.25 for every gallon of gas burned. Ouch!

Make use of your vehicle’s cruise control if it has one. That way you will maintain a constant speed and avoid fuel wasting speed fluctuations.

Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Keeping your vehicle well maintained will improve fuel efficiency. It will involve more than just a few oil changes a year.

One additional way to keep your car maintained is to always make sure the tires are inflated to the correct air pressure. Under or over inflated tires are dangerous to drive on and it will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. You can usually find the recommended tire inflation information on the sides of the tires or in the door jamb of the car. You should get into the habit of checking your tires for wear and correct inflation every time you fill up.

If you have an older car, keep the ac use to a minimum. Air conditioning can add 10% or more to fuel consumption. Stop and go traffic makes it worse. Make use of the flow-through ventilation as an alternative or simply roll the windows down and enjoy some fresh air.

Avoid Idling

Avoid idling if at all possible. Idling uses a quarter to a half gallon per hour, more if the ac is on. If waiting in parking lot, just turn your car off. Fuel injected vehicles do not need to be warmed up prior to driving.

A More Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Are you looking for a new vehicle or about to trade your older one in? Take a look at all the options that can save you the most on fuel. Hybrid, Flex Fuel, electric, hydrogen, ethanol (E85) and clean diesel are becoming more popular.


Supercars Just Waiting to Take a Lap

There are cars, fast cars, really fast cars and then there are supercars. The majority of the world doesn’t have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or even Audi R8. Cost is the main factor limiting the type of wheels you drive. Supercars can easily average a price tag of $250,000 and up, and that doesn’t include the cost of fuel and insurance. Exotics Racing: The Ultimate Driving Experience offers you the chance to get behind the wheel in Las Vegas for a memorable, supervised track experience that lets you see how the one percenters live. Once you complete your track visit, you’ll want to head to a Chapman Las Vegas car dealership and put your money down on something sporty to keep the dream alive.

Offers Several Driving Experiences

If you want to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other supercar, Exotic Vehicles offers packages based on a per lap price that includes instruction, all safety equipment and the time of your life. You can include an on-board video to create a digital keepsake of your time on the speedway. A technical briefing covers all your car’s specifications, proper driving position, how to get the most out of the ride and what racing lines to keep while circling the speedway. If you want the fun of racing but don’t feel qualified to drive yourself, there is a ride-along package that let’s you sit back and enjoy while a professional driver puts the car through its paces. If you choose to drive, a professional instructor will be sitting beside you the whole way to help you push your car to its limits without sacrificing safety.

Track Experience Safer than Street Racing

Despite the popularity of street racing movies like the “Fast and Furious,” street racing is an extremely dangerous sport. By taking advantage of the packages at Exotic Racing, you not only get to drive a vehicle you would otherwise never even sit in, you also get to learn how to do it safely in a controlled condition. A medical team is on hand in case of emergencies and track stewards keep an eye on conditions when inclement weather rolls around. It’s safety first at Exotics Racing.

Great Lesson for Teen Drivers

With the proliferation of vehicles pushing the horsepower bounds of sanity at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, it’s important to teach teen drivers the meaning of respect for the giant bomb placed under the hood that everyone else calls an engine. Read the reviews at the company’s website to see what a great bonding experience a trip to the track is for parents and their children. Along with gaining a new set of skills and respect for these ultimate muscle cars, your entire family will create a set of memories that last a lifetime.


Your credit score plays an essential role in the quality of your life. It is influential in numerous areas. It determines more than just your ability to obtain an auto loan, but also plays a key role in your car and home insurance premiums. Your credit score can be checked by potential employers and landlords to see how responsible you’ve been with your finances. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal.

Why is the credit score so influential? Well, the lower your score is, the more challenging it is to obtain a loan or credit card. This can make purchasing a vehicle, home or covering an unexpected expense a real pain.

If you’ve been late on a few payments or don’t have a clue about how to improve your credit score, regardless of where you land on the FICO chart, these 5 quick lessons from Chapman Las Vegas will help give your credit score a boost:

Quick Tip #1 – Monitor and Conquer.

This first step should not be a surprise to anyone. The largest mistake you can make when it comes to your credit is not monitoring and checking it often enough. At minimum, you should be pulling your credit reports yearly. If you aren’t already using a credit monitoring service, it’s free, takes less than 30 minutes to do and is the only way you are going to know if everything is being reported correctly.

It’s important to properly analyze all of the information on your credit reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Then determine its accuracy. Initiate disputes regarding any incorrect information such as accounts that aren’t yours, which could be a sign of identity theft.

Quick Tip #2 – Pay it Down.

Pay down your debt. Learn to live within your means. Learn to go on a budget and stick with it. You must learn to sacrifice in the short term so you can benefit in the long haul.

Quick Tip #3 – Shop Around.

Don’t blindly accept every credit card offer that arrives in the mail. You wouldn’t buy a car without first shopping around, so why would you take the first credit card offer that came your way?

Quick Tip #4 – Ask and You Shall Receive.

Missed a payment and charged a late fee? Try contacting customer service and making a courtesy request for it to be taken off. If you have a good track record and payment history, they may oblige you. Simple as that. A single missed payment on your credit report can drop your score by 10-20 points, so watch your due dates!

Quick Tip #5 – Add an Installment Loan.

Rarely does new debt improve your credit score. However in this instance, it often does. An installment loan is simply anything that isn’t a credit card. Student loans, personal loans, auto loans, and mortgages are types of installment loans.

Besides paying down your debt, this is the best way to improve your score. Installment loans tend to carry more weight and influence as they are typically for much bigger loan amounts. Amounts such as $20,000 auto loan versus your credit card with a $1,000 limit.


What happens when you team up a shark, an entrepreneur and a 1950s pop singer? If it sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, those three are hoping you’re wrong. Robert Herjavec, famed for being a tech mogul and an investor on the ABC TV show “Shark Tank,” recently promised a $5 million investment to singer Pat Boone and an entrepreneur for a piece of the AIRPod, a zero emission car powered by compressed air. Herjavec, a crafty financier, is hoping the little vehicle is an answer to the high cost of developing electric vehicles.

AIRPod Has Low Retail Price

Expected to enter the market at about the $10,000 range, the AIRPod is not replacing the hybrid sports car anytime soon. Invented by auto industry guru Guy Negre, the AIRPod has not reached market anywhere yet. That may change with the money infusion by Herjavec. He is teamed with Zero Pollution Motors, which has the U.S. rights to the vehicle. Their strategy is to create small production facilities in strategic locations where customers can go to buy the vehicles.

Excellent Commuter Solution

If the company can figure out the production logistics and keep the costs down, the AIRPod has a chance to be an excellent solution for people who need a commuter vehicle but don’t have $30 to $40k to spend on an electric or hybrid vehicle. The AIRPod runs on compressed air, which you can refill at a gas station in less than 5 minutes or by running the car’s built in compressor wherever you can plug in. It has a range of 80 miles and a top speed of 50 miles per hour. The vehicle takes about 4 hours to charge from a standard 120-volt electrical outlet.

First Stop, Hawaii

The first U.S. AIRPods are scheduled to be built in Hawaii, as that is the place where fuel is the most expensive. The first vehicles should be in production by later this year, although all that could change now that Herjavec is in the picture. He said on the TV show that he wants to expand production across the United States, which means there could be an AIRPod plant near you in a very short time frame. If you can’t wait for the AIRPod or would like something with a little more substance, go see one of the fuel efficient vehicles at a Chapman Las Vegas Dealership.


Take Highest Road in U.S.

Nothing beats the summer heat like a trip through the Rocky Mountains. For scenic vistas, wildlife and a number of cool towns, start in Grand Lake and go along U.S. 34 until you hit State Highway 1. From there take Highway 1 through the Upper Gore Canyon until you hit the Trail Ridge Road Scenic Byway. This is the highest road in the United States, so you’ll be above the treetops and likely take in some bighorn sheep, marmots and even some moose. End the trip at Winter Park Resort, the home of some excellent hiking and mountain biking before you drive back down the mountains. Before you start any road trip, take your vehicle into one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for a fluid and safety checkup.

Barbecue? Yes Please

To find the home of all barbecue you need to head to South Carolina, which is the only state to prominently feature all four standard barbecue sauces: heavy tomato, light tomato, mustard, and vinegar and pepper. There are more than 250 different barbecue joints listed on the South Carolina BBQ Trail Map. Figuring you eat two meals a day (maybe three), plan on about four months on the road to hit them all. If you don’t have that much time, plan a trip for the coast by starting in Myrtle Beach and working your way down to Hilton Head.

Seward Highway in Alaska

For a trip through one of the last true frontiers in the United States, it’s tough to beat Alaska. Start in Anchorage and follow the Turnagain Arm, where whales are often spotted in a feeding frenzy. Drive south through the Chugach Mountains and you’ll likely spot some Moose and Bald Eagles. Alpine glaciers, sea life and wildlife are abundant on this trip. Some spots in Alaska are rough going, so you may consider looking at a new 4×4 from a Chapman Las Vegas dealership before heading north.

Finger Lakes

Upstate New York is a wonderland of tall trees, small towns, and, of course, the Finger Lakes. Drive on Routes 5 and 20 and you’ll be experiencing the same countryside as the first Native Americans did long before the white man settled here. The Finger Lakes are a popular vacation spot that offer boating, swimming, hang-gliding and hot-air ballooning. It’s also a great wine country, with plenty of wineries that offer afternoon tastings. If you’re a baseball fan, don’t miss the chance to head to Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame.

Experience the Old West

If you live in the city, consider a trip to Wyoming where the skys are big and the cowboys are real. Start in Cheyenne with a trip to Frontier Days, scheduled this year for July 17-26. It features a rodeo and multiple concerts starring major acts. From there, drive to Laramie and visit a real ghost town, then head to Casper and learn about the importance of Wyoming for pioneers heading west. Wrap up the trip in Buffalo and stay at the Occidental Hotel. If you’re lucky you’ll get the same room where Butch Cassidy used to stay.