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DOT Requires Rear View Cameras by 2018

With an average of 210 deaths and more than 15,000 injuries caused by backing up injuries every year, the U.S. Department of Transportation has mandated that rear-view cameras must be standard equipment in all vehicles under 5 tons by 2018. The requirements come for all vehicles built after May 1, 2018 to provide a visible area of 10 by 20 feet behind the vehicle. Many new cars available at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships already have rear-view cameras as standard or optional equipment.

Parking Sensors

Although collisions that occur during parking rarely result in injury or death, expect parking sensors to become standard equipment in the near future. The cost of repairing even a minor fender bender continues to rise, bringing pressure from insurance companies to find new ways to reduce collisions. Parking sensors range in ability from issuing a warning when you are about to hit something all the way to taking over the entire parking experience.

Forward Collision Warnings

If you’re sensing a theme for all these new features, you are correct. Safety is the watchword for new auto technology as the clock ticks farther into the 21st century. Forward collision warnings, sometimes with adaptive braking, are available as an option on most higher-end vehicles and are making their way into the mid-price range. The warning issues an audio alert when you are in danger of a front-end collision. Adaptive braking takes over and slows your vehicle down to help avoid the collision. See this feature in action with a trip to one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Inflatable Seat Belts

Although seat belts are a proven life saver, the sudden jolt and restriction of the hard-edged belt can cause injuries of its own. Ford has already introduced inflatable seat belts for the rear passengers of some of its models. Along with being more comfortable while riding, the inflatable seat belts spread out the impact during a crash, resulting in less severe injuries.

Adaptive Headlamps

Much like the eyes in that creepy painting that follow you around the room, adaptive headlamps pivot to illuminate the way when you go around a corner. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that adaptive headlamps cut losses by about 10 percent, but they are a fairly expensive add-on. Visit one of the Chapman Las Vegas auto dealerships to discuss the available safety options the next time you are ready to buy a car.


Live a Day in the Life

If you’re just not sure if you want to join the ranks of thousands of drivers who use their car to give people rides and earn extra money, perhaps the new mobile game UberDRIVE will help make your decision. Recently launched by ride share giant Uber, UberDRIVE offers you a chance to role-play by finding addresses, picking up people and getting them to their destination as safely and quickly as possible. Right now the only city available is Uber’s home town of San Francisco. You score points by getting from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible.

Game Leads to Extra Income

Uber says it designed the game for current Uber drivers who want to become better navigators, as well as people who have an interest in working with Uber. Once you’re in the game, you can sign up to become an Uber driver and start the background screening procedure. The game gives a pretty realistic accounting of how much you can earn as an Uber driver, including how to work the “hot zone” maps and take advantage of surge pricing.

A constant banner ad in the game reminds you that if you enjoy driving, now’s the time to get paid for it. Before signing up with Uber, try and talk to current drivers and find out as much as you can about the actual details of the job and how accurate the company’s claims are before signing up.

Gaming New Trend to Reduce Dropouts

Uber and other companies are turning to gaming to give potential workers a realistic expectation of a typical workday. This includes typical problems that might arise, potential earnings, and common interactions with customers. As a pure game, reviewers find UberDRIVE wanting after an initial few minutes of fun. The vehicles travel slowly, offering the driver little to do until it comes time to make a turn or drop a customer off. The game also doesn’t address the best vehicle for becoming an Uber driver.

Uber demands a late model, four-door car that is in good condition. Other than that, you’re pretty much on your own. UberX is a division of the company that uses compact cars but charges lower rates. Regular Uber utilizes sedans and mini vans, while black car Uber employs the use of Towncars and large SUVs for more demanding clientele. If you don’t already have a vehicle, it’s important you talk to Uber and get all your questions answered before heading over to a Chapman Las Vegas dealership.


The competition among carmakers to make the SUV (sport-utility vehicle) most unlikely to go off road and onto a gravel or dirt paths is heating up. The Volkswagen owned Lamborghini Italian supercar company announced in May it will launch a new off-road automobile in 2018 called the Urus. It is expected to have a price tag of over $200,000 and probably will never see a muddy track. It can expect serious competition from other luxury car companies like Bently, who just recently announced that its off-road vehicle the Bentayga will be on the roads in 2016. Even Rolls-Royce is getting in on the action with its Cullinan which is going into production in 2017. But don’t dare call it an SUV, Rolls-Royce prefers to refer to it as a high-bodied car which is capable of crossing any terrain. Other luxury makers like Maserati, Jaguar and Aston Martin all have their versions of SUV in the works.

There is no doubt that the rush for luxury carmakers to produce a line of SUVs is an attempt to appeal to a broader market. SUVs have exploded in popularity worldwide. Even their smaller cousin the CUV (compact utility vehicle) has become one of the fastest growing car market segments. The research firm IHS stated that by 2016 there will be 20.1 million SUV sales per year and they will account for 1/5 of all vehicles sold. In now the world’s largest car market – China, SUVs will account for 1/3 of all vehicle sales.

The desire to own a SUV is equally as strong among the rich. Worldwide sales of luxury SUVs increased from 400,000 in 2000 to 1.2 million in 2014 according to IHS and there are no signs of this trend slowing. Even though the Porsche Cayenne is now the German carmaker’s best-selling vehicle, even outselling the 911 or the BMW SUVs don’t seem to be expensive enough for the super-rich car owners. Range Rover dominated the upper end of the SUV space for years and the most expensive version is now worth over $200,000.

Not all high end sports cars makers think that their brand will be improved by adding a SUV to its line of vehicles. Ferrari and McLaren have no plans to add a SUV anytime soon. The super-rich seem to appreciate having the exotic badge along with practical use. After all if a combination of an exotic sports car and a SUV was required and money was no concern, why not buy both?

Test drive all of our model SUV vehicles available today at Chapman Las Vegas.


One of the hardest things in life is making the jump from a young, carefree sports car driving man or woman about town to a parent juggling diaper bags, play pens and strollers while taking your precious cargo to the day care or park.

Luckily, some automakers continue to provide vehicles with adequate trunk space without eliminating the handling and performance that makes driving fun. Here are a few sports cars with plenty of room for junk in the trunk.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This little hatchback explodes off the line to reach 60 mph in well under six seconds, but still offers almost 23 cubic feet of cargo space without the rear seats folded down. The large hatchback lid makes it easy to juggle all the items a kid needs growing up, from folding cribs to baseball equipment. The Golf is the best selling VW for a reason, providing plenty of excitement in a fuel-efficient package with lots of pep under the hood.

Dodge Challenger

Driving the Challenger into the loading zone at school will definitely turn heads, as Dodge’s entry into the pony car wars is a rumbling beast that can hold its own with any stock vehicle on the street. In addition to the performance that comes from a variety of engines, including the 707 horsepower Hellcat, the Challenger also has the most trunk space of any pony car. With 16.2 cubic feet of space and a 60/40 folding rear seat with pass through capability, the Challenger can handle just about any box, bag or toy you can throw at it. Check out the Challenger at the Chapman Las Vegas Dodge dealership.

Porsche Panamera

Admittedly for buyers on the upper end of the auto stratosphere, the Panamera is the perfect kid and cargo-hauling solution to the sports car driving parent with money. Fold down the rear seats on this luxury sedan and you get almost 45 cubic feet of storage room, plenty to take the whole girl scout troop and their backpacks to camp. But size alone is not the determining factor when buying a Panamera. With a price tag starting at $93,000 and going well north from there, you expect the little special add-ons like a cooled glove box, power lift gate and heated seats.

Chevrolet Corvette

Although admittedly not the best choice for small children since it doesn’t have a back seat, your teenager will soak in all the smiles and well wishes when you drop her at school every day. There is no room for storage in the cabin, but the trunk makes up for it with a solid 15 cubic feet of space. Go see the latest Corvette for yourself at your Chapman Las Vegas used car dealers.

oil change

Costs Sometimes Don’t Add Up

With the cost of a common oil change fluctuating between $25 and $35, you might think you could save a few bucks by doing the task yourself. After all, it’s one of the few remaining jobs on a car that actually doesn’t involve rocket science. You elevate the car, drain the oil, take off the oil filter, replace the oil filter, replace the plug, lower the car, and then put the new oil in. The problem is, depending if you can find a sale, the cost of five or six quarts of oil plus an oil filter can either come close to equaling or exceeding the cost of paying for a dealership oil change.

Other Benefits to Dealer Oil Changes

When you take your car into one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealers for a regular oil change, you are creating a record of maintenance that may help you resolve a warranty issue one day. Unless you are super-organized with paperwork, it’s easy to misplace receipts from the local auto parts store. Another benefit of a dealer oil change is that your car receives a brief inspection, including all fluid levels, battery charge and tire status. You will also be informed if there are any recalls against your vehicle and you can schedule those repairs.

Rewards Add Up

Many manufacturers also participate in a rewards program based on how many dollars you spend in the service department. Oil changes are a great way to build up rewards points and receive free services from some of the dealerships in the Chapman Las Vegas chain. From free car washes and windshield wipers to vehicle accessories, rewards programs offer nice little perks that you won’t get by changing the oil yourself.

Advantages to Do-it-Yourself Oil Changes

It’s always good to be as familiar as possible with how your car works. If you enjoy working on vehicles and find that an oil change and air filter replacement are about the only two things left that don’t require a PhD, by all means enjoy yourself and change your own oil. Just remember to change oil every 5,000 miles when using a synthetic blend and every 3,000 miles for regular oil. Keeping fresh oil in a vehicle is the best way to keep the engine going long past original expectations. Just remember to document each oil change and keep organized records in case a warranty issue should arise,


Is your car ready for summer driving? Find out from Chapman Las Vegas, what you need to do to make your vehicle ready for those hot car trips.

Summer officially begins in a few weeks but some people have already kicked off the season during the Memorial Day weekend. Before you begin your summer travels and long road trips, make sure your car is properly serviced and ready for those trips. The servicing is important for your car’s overall performance and it helps make those summer adventures safe and comfortable.

Rich White, the ED of the Car Care Council stated getting your car ready for summer treks will give you a peace of mind. Doing so will also prevent safety hazards and the inconvenience of having to deal with a broken down vehicle miles from home.

There are three main areas you should have serviced on your vehicle before any summer trip:


How do you know when it is time to buy new tires? Before your trek, always check your tires for tread depth and look out for any unexpected bulges or bald spots. Your car dealer can also do a professional tire check to make sure your vehicle is ready for the long haul.

Tire pressure should also be checked during your inspection. The tire pressure can change due to temperature and weather patterns. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to see what the optimal tire pressure is for your vehicle. Underinflated tires can actually burn more fuel and it affects the alignment of the vehicle, which directly impacts your safety.

HVAC System

Summer brings higher temperatures, which mean you will probably be using your air conditioner quite a bit. You don’t want to get stuck on a long road trip without AC, so make sure it is working properly before you head out. The hoses and belts get worn out with time and use. The cold weather can make them brittle, which means they will break much easier. If any part of your HVAC goes down, there could be expensive repairs down the road. Therefore, it is best to prevent expensive repairs by thoroughly inspecting your HCAV system. Again a dealership can help you with this.

Air Filter

Air filters have to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. Some say you should change the filters every 3,000 miles, but spot checks are a better way to go. Clogged filters reduce fuel efficiency and decreases engine power. A clean air filter system is vital to the vehicle’s performance.

Don’t take any chances guessing if your vehicle is road worthy. Have the above inspections and more done professionally at your local dealership, such as Chapman Las Vegas.


Old Adage Requires Shift in Thinking

There’s an old common sense formula regarding the purchase of a new or used vehicle that says you should never spend more than 10 percent of your gross annual income on a vehicle. Unless you have a job that pays more than $200,000 or more per year, that pretty severely limits your choices to a compact vehicle with plenty of options or a subcompact SUV with a radio and air conditioning. Truth be told, no one needs a car that costs more than $20,000. For that, you can have a nice new fuel-efficient vehicle that will get you to the same places all those Porsches and BMWs are going. But if you want to be more than just a spectator in life and enjoy the finer things, all you need to do is adjust your thinking.

Buy Cars for Fun, Not as an Investment

Although there are people who do very well purchasing cars as investments, for the most part a car is just a big toy that gives you a reason to work 60 hours a week. To get a car that is fun to drive and offers luxury appointments like heated leather seats, upgraded stereo, navigation system and performance handling, you are probably going to have to look at something that’s about 5 years old with 50 to 60,000 miles on the odometer. For well under $10,000, you can buy a 2003 BMW Z4 convertible or a 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible. People who buy premium brands like the BMW or Mercedes are generally very good about upkeep. Just get yourself an extended warranty to take care of the big problems. Have the vehicle detailed once in awhile and you can smile knowing you’re the smartest driver in the VIP lounge.

Make Some Dealership Contacts

Visit a dealership chain like the one offered by Chapman Las Vegas and let it be known what type of car you’re looking for. Just check in every few weeks with your contacts and remind them the general specifics of the car you are looking for. Dealerships often deal with people who are trading in a cream puff luxury car on a newer, less expensive model. They would rather deal with you than go to all the hassle of putting the car on the lot or taking it to an auction.

There is an Internet. Use it. Know it. Love it.

Along with dealerships like Chapman Las Vegas, there are a number of search engines that will deliver a surprising variety of fun cars for sale. Consider your search engine options carefully. If you have a specific brand or model, search for that first, entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Once you get a return on your search, most engines allow you to sort by price, mileage and a number of other factors to find the car that’s perfect to solve that mid-life crisis.