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Even if you live in a desert climate like Las Vegas, it’s good to know how to survive on the road in the case you should run into a freak snowstorm or icy conditions. Being prepared before you head out is the best way to avoid a tragedy or a situation where you’re stuck in freezing weather for hours without help.

Know the Weather Before You Go

If you’re going on a long trip, particularly into unfamiliar territory, make sure you either watch the news or go online and check out the expected weather conditions. If a blizzard is forecast, it’s best to stay home and stay safe. If you absolutely have to travel, make sure your car is outfitted with proper safety equipment, is full of gas and you have plenty of food and water. Charge your cell phone and bring your charger with you. Make sure you have emergency numbers stored in your contact list.

Drive With a Light Touch

If you remember one safety tip, remember this: don’t do anything suddenly when driving in ice and snow. Step on the accelerator and brake gently and make small incremental turns of the steering wheel if you’re on a slippery surface. If you have anti-lock brakes, keep gentle pressure and they will automatically pump themselves to help avoid a skid. If you do get into a skid, turn the steering wheel in the direction the rear tires are sliding and be ready to straighten the car out once the skid stops. Make sure your tires are in good shape by heading to a Chapman Las Vegas dealership for an inspection before you hit the road.

Use Your Momentum as Much as Possible

It’s very difficult to get started from a stop when driving on ice and snow. When you see a hill coming up, gently accelerate and try to get a little momentum going to get you over the top. Try not to stop until you get to your destination and remember to gently accelerate when needed. You don’t want to start your wheels spinning.

Keep Your Car Maintained

Before heading into bad weather, take a trip to your local Chapman Las Vegas dealership and have them look at your belts, hoses, battery, wipers and brakes. Keeping your car properly maintained goes a long way to being able to depend on it when times get tough. Even though it may be 80 degrees where you are, have them check the heater and make sure its operating properly.

Stay With Your Vehicle

If you should become stuck in the snow, it’s best that you just stay with your vehicle and try to stay warm. It’s much easier to see a 3,000 pound car in a storm than it is a human being. Tie a bright cloth to your antenna and hunker down inside with a couple of nutrition bars until help comes along.


Simple Interest Payments Add Up

Unless you scored one of those awesome zero percent loans that are subsidized by the manufacturer, it makes sense to pay your car loan off as quickly as possible. The reason is that most car loans are granted using simple interest, which just means that the amount of interest you pay each month is based on the outstanding balance. Thus, if you get a windfall from an inheritance, lottery win or tax refund, it makes sense to pay down your car loan as quickly as possible. The finance officers at any Chapman Las Vegas dealership will be happy to explain this in detail at your convenience.

Take Your Car Payment and Invest It

Let’s say you’re paying $471 a month for a vehicle, which is the national average. According to “Fortune” magazine, if you were able to pay off that vehicle and invest that money at a 6 percent rate of return, in just 10 years you’d have a cool $77,000. That’s a nice little safety net to fall back on in times of trouble or to put towards your retirement living. To show the power of making monthly payments toward an investment, consider the scenario where you used $3,000 to pay off your loan and free up that $471 a month. If you invested that $3,000 at the same rate of return, you’d only have $5,373 after 10 years.

Tell the Lender You’re Paying on Principal

When you include an extra check to start paying down on your car loan, make sure and tell the lender that you are paying down the principal amount. If not, they may assume that you are just making future payments and you won’t actually be saving anything in interest. Having a free and clear vehicle also helps you keep your payments down when it’s time for a new car. By not having any of the car’s value go to paying off a lender, the total value of the vehicle helps reduce the monthly payments on the new car. If it’s time for a new car, check in with the folks at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Their goal is to find the vehicle you want at a price you can afford.

Paying Car Off Starts With a Good Down Payment

Whether you use cash or the value of an existing vehicle, it’s important for your financial health to have a good down payment. After taxes and registration fees, it’s a good idea to have at least 10 percent down. This signals to the finance company that you are a person who takes their debts seriously and can help secure a lower interest rate.


Cooler Weather Brings the Cool Cars Out

The weather is finally cooling down and along with trick or treating, Thanksgiving and all the other winter holidays, that means that car shows are going to start popping up all over the Las Vegas area. From Boulder City to the Strip, cool paint jobs, monster motors and beautiful people are all going to be in attendance to show off and perhaps leave a little rubber behind. It all kicks off this Friday, October 16, with the Henderson Cruise Night. Trunk or Treat is coming this Saturday to the Veteran’s Memorial Center on Pavilion Center Drive, where the City of Las Vegas is hosting a Halloween carnival and car show. To stay up to date on all the latest shows and car news, visit any of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Big Motor Trend Show on Thanksgiving Weekend

The biggest show of all is the Motor Trend International Auto Show, set for the Las Vegas Convention Center on Friday November 27 through Sunday November 29. More than 350 hot rod cars and show trucks will be on display for the public to drool over. Representatives from all the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships will be on hand to show off all the new models and help you take a test drive. This is a family experience with a little something for everyone. Admission is free for children age 12 and under and you can buy advance tickets here. The show will also feature a million dollar exotic vehicle display where the public can view and touch supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan.

Veterans Honored in November

Local car buffs honor military veterans in November with a couple of car shows and barbecues. On November 11, Veteran’s Appreciation Day is recognized with a free car show and barbecue at the Veteran’s hospital. All ages and years of car are welcome. There will be prizes for best in class, along with clowns, face painting, food and much more. November 14 is the date to circle for the Veteran’s Home Car Show and BBQ, held at the Veterans Home in Boulder City. Take tours of the home and meet and greet local heroes while also taking in some great cars and barbecue.

New Year Kicks Off With Mesquite Car Show

Circle Martin Luther King Jr. weekend to attend one of the bigger car shows of the year just 80 miles north of Las Vegas when Mesquite Motor Mania invades Mesquite, Nevada. There will be competitions for roaring engines, slow drags, best burnouts and cash drawings totaling $15,000. Vendors will be on hand with hard-to-get parts and accessories for your restoration as well.

dobbertin nova

Mandalay Bay Hosts Collector Car Auction

There was plenty of expensive sheet metal on display in late September at the Barrett-Jackson 8th Annual World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction. Held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, the auction provided plenty of great cars at a number of price points. There was a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle that looked like it just rolled off the assembly line that sold for $9,900. In a little higher price range, a totally tricked out 1965 Chevrolet Nova (shown above) brought in $56,100. Modified as the “Dobbertin Nova” in 1982, this car set the hot rod world on its ear, winning multiple awards at different shows over the years. It was regularly featured in Hot Rod Magazine as the ultimate show car. Although the auction is gone for another year, you can check out all the exciting 2016 models at your local Chapman Las Vegas dealership.

Trans Am Super Duty a Great American Muscle Car

Representing the last of the American muscle car era, the 1974 Trans Am Super Duty packed a 455 cubic inch engine. Only 212 of those super cars were made, and the one for sale at the Barrett-Jackson auction fetched an amazing $111,100. The car only has 9,500 miles on it but has been restored to its original showroom beauty. The drivetrain features matching numbers and this beast is loaded with creature comforts like power steering, air conditioning, power brakes and power windows. All of the 455 engines in the Super Duty Trans Ams were built by hand, providing an extra special touch to this American classic.

Porsche 930 Turbo Brings $176,000

If you have a 1979 vehicle sitting in your driveway, there’s a small chance that it might bring almost $200,000 at an auction. The chance is better if it’s a Porsche 930 Turbo in perfect condition. This was one of only 806 930 turbos produced for the American market in 1979. With no rust and under 40,000 miles, it brought a lot of action at the auction. Whether the new owner will keep it garaged or use it as a daily driver is unknown, but it’s a good choice for either function.

Classic Pickups Also Available at Auction

People searching for a classic pickup truck had plenty to choose from at the auction. There were several deals to be had from the 1950s and 1960s featuring mostly Ford and Chevy ½ ton models. A 1959 Chevrolet Apache went for just over $25,000, while a 1960 Ford with perfect paint and interior was a steal at $16,500. A 1961 Ford Econoline 6-window pickup with modern bucket seats, racing wheels and custom pearl paint sold for $18,700. Although these great trucks are testament to the history of the American auto industry, if you want all the bells and whistles that come on a new vehicle, visit one of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.


More Than 2,000 Auto Companies Exhibiting

With well over 2,000 companies exhibiting new autos and auto-related products, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is the highlight of the automotive industry year. Set this year for November 3-6 in Las Vegas, you can bet that representatives from dealerships all over the country will be in attendance to keep up on the latest offerings in the auto industry. Unfortunately, the show is not open to the public so you’ll need to head over to one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and make a friend if you want to go.

New Product Showcase Offers Chance to Scan and Save

Attendees at the SEMA show have the chance to pick up a free scanner and use it to scan in all the new products in which they have interest. With more than 2,500 new products to choose from, it’s easy to loose track and forget which ones are most appealing. By using the scanner, industry reps can automatically record the product and at the end of the day take it to a booth for a print out of all the products they liked. The printout has information on the product as well as contact points for more information or ordering.

Working Roundtables Discuss Issues

The SEMA show is not only the place to see the hottest new items; it’s also a good forum to discuss issues related to the automotive industry. This year’s SEMA features discussions with manufacturer’s representatives, how to improve sales, the use of social media in the auto industry and how to double cash flow over the next two years. There are also discussions on how to keep used vehicle resale value up, the role of women in the auto industry and other industry topics. The use of social media to keep in touch with customers is addressed in several forums, so stay tuned to the Chapman Las Vegas dealership Facebook and Twitter pages to keep on top of sales events.

Welcoming Millennials is Part of Program

A big part of the SEMA show this year is a discussion on how to welcome Millennials, or those people just turning 30, into the automotive industry both as an employee and a customer. As employees, younger people bring new ideas and ways of doing things that can help improve business. Older managers need to be open to listening and thinking outside the box to keep younger employees motivated and feeling like they are part of the plan. As customers, Millennials have grown up with abundance as part of their lives, meaning they aren’t usually interested in the cheapest option. Having plenty of upgraded vehicles and aftermarket options are important to earn and keep their business.