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Keep Your Sanity and Have Fun

“If I have to stop this car we’re turning around.” Any parent or child can recall this empty threat, which usually resulted from induced boredom on a long road trip. While it may be an exciting idea to pile into the SUV and drive 1,000 miles across country to visit friends or family, once an hour or so passes the novelty has pretty much worn off. To keep your sanity and let the kids have some fun, here are some ideas to help pass the time.

Have a Loose Schedule

Before you even get into the car, you should give your children a rough idea of what’s going to be happening. Pick out a few points of interest along the way and let them know when you’ll be stopping. If there’s a dinosaur museum, ghost town or world’s largest frying pan on the way, try and get them excited about the visit and let them know periodically how far you are away from the next stop. Although the parent in you may want to make “good time,” realize that driving for 12 hours straight is just going to raise the anxiety level and stress of everyone in the car.

Get the Kids Involved in Making Memories

Before you start, give each child a journal and encourage them to write down some of the memories from the trip. It could be as simple as “Dad spilled coffee on himself in Taos,” to seeing wildlife or interesting vehicles along the way. Let the kids share a phone or cheap digital cameras to take lots of pictures you can upload and make a scrapbook when you get back. Before you head out, make sure and get your car serviced at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Being stuck on the side of the road is a sure way to turn a fun trip into a nightmare.

Videos, Games and Toys, Oh My!

It may be the obvious solution, but a cheap DVD player or tablet loaded with videos is a great way for a child to focus on something other than sticking his finger in his sister’s ear. Don’t let them miss the important parts of the trip, but let’s face it; there are long stretches of highway with absolutely nothing to see. A pair of ear buds and a video player will make your life a lot simpler.

Be Spontaneous

Nothing is more fun than for Dad or Mom to yell “Pit Stop!” and then pull over to discover a scenic vista, fun restaurant or cool tourist trap. Take a half hour a couple of times a day to just be spontaneous and do something fun, even if it involves pulling the car to safety and having everyone get out and run around five times. It gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs, have a laugh and get a breather before heading on down the road. If your car isn’t ready for a long road trip, the holidays are a great time to take advantage of special promotions at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Listen to Other’s Experiences

Whether you talk to friends, work acquaintances, or just go online and read reviews, it’s important that you pay attention to how a body shop has treated past customers. If you go online, first look for the number of reviews. It’s not unknown for companies to post fake reviews touting their services. The best way is to talk to friends who have had collision repair done and remember a good experience. Remember that all the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships have certified collision repair centers for all makes and models.


Get More Than One Estimate

The cost of repairing minor dents and dings can be a bit shocking if you haven’t dealt with collision repair before. Getting estimates doesn’t mean you should take the lowest quote, but it should be part of your overall consideration when picking a shop. Make sure they are using genuine replacement parts and not knockoffs that may have problems with fit or structural integrity.

Follow Your Gut

Some people call it intuition, others call it a gut feeling. If a body shop representative doesn’t feel attentive to your needs, or if the shop itself gives a shady vibe, it might be best to take your business elsewhere. Make sure the body work experts are certified like those who work at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Certification means they know the proper methods for repairing your car and will charge you in line with industry standards. Cleanliness is a good sign that a shop cares about its work and its customers. If a body shop looks like a bomb went off inside, you might be best to take your business elsewhere.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Prepare a list of questions before heading off to get estimates. Make sure the body shop offers at least a 1-year warranty, although 2- and 3-year warranties are not uncommon. Also ask if the shop is insured for fire and theft. You don’t want to leave your cherished vehicle there only to be left holding the bag in case something happens. Again, make sure they are using certified manufacturer parts. Cars today use an integral construction method where each part contributes to the safety of the vehicle. You want your car as good as new once you leave the shop.

Make Sure the Shop Works With Your Insurance Company

Although it’s rare that a body shop won’t be covered by insurance, it doesn’t hurt to ask your insurer if they will indeed pay the claim if you have work done by a particular shop. Chapman Las Vegas Collision Centers work with all different insurance companies to make sure your work is done properly and your claim is paid promptly.