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Living in Desert Means Regular Visits for Service

As we near the month of May in the desert, you know you can count on temperatures exceeding triple digits for the next few months. Along with getting service on your home air conditioning unit, it’s important to take your car into a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and have them give it the once over. Extreme summer temperatures can wreak havoc on the battery, hoses, belts, windshield wipers and tires. Getting a checkup on your vehicle now can give you peace of mind and help you avoid sitting by the side of the road waiting for help.

Oil Change, Fluid Check Important

By taking your car into a Chapman Las Vegas dealership on a regular basis, your service advisor can help guide you on important maintenance decisions. At a minimum, an oil change and complete fluid level check with a tire rotation is a good way to start preparing for summer. The summer heat can also be brutal on batteries, so make sure you have all cells checked and replace the battery now if its on the verge of failing. A coolant system flush with new anti-freeze is a great way to help avoid overheating during high traffic congestion. Don’t forget about the windshield wipers. Just because you haven’t used them very often in the past few months doesn’t mean they’ll get the job done when those summer storms hit. Streaky wipers can cause poor visibility and lead to collisions.

Stock Essentials in Case of Emergency

If your summer driving takes you out of town, be prepared for long trips across the desert where services can be hours away. First and most importantly, take water. A couple of gallon jugs of drinking water can be used to replenish your car and keep you hydrated. Duct tape is always good to have to plug a hose leak in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to pack a blanket to create some shade, some sunscreen, a simple first aid kit and some basic tools. Energy bars and light snacks are also a good idea in case you’re stranded for several hours.

Check That Air Filter for Clogs

If you take your car to a Chapman Las Vegas dealership, checking the air filter is a key part of their inspection process. With all the dust in the desert, the air filter can become clogged and starve the engine of necessary oxygen for the firing process. You’ll lose power, get poor gas mileage and the engine could eventually shut down. Although the owner’s manual has specifications for how often you should change the filter, it’s important to change it more often in the desert. The blowing dust and sand can seriously affect your engine’s ability to perform and could leave you sitting on the side of the road waiting for help.