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Get in, Get out, Get Home

With the heat of the summer upon us, it’s important that you keep up with your regular maintenance at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. No one really wants to venture out into the heat any more than necessary, but by taking advantage of the online scheduling service, you can get in and out in record time. Online coupons offer tremendous savings on oil changes and other important maintenance services for any make or model vehicle. With each oil change, Chapman Las Vegas technicians will replace the oil and filter, lube the chassis, check the air filter, tire wear, wiper blades and tire pressure, check all lights and turn signals, test your battery, and check and fill all fluid levels. Keeping your fluid levels topped off is especially important as temperatures climb into the triple digits.

Quick Lube Joints Don’t Offer Peace of Mind

Although it may be tempting to swing into one of the quickie lube places some day when you’re out to lunch, getting your service done at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership offers many advantages. For one, you create a relationship with a service advisor who comes to know your vehicle and can keep you in the loop as to when regular maintenance is needed. Your service advisor will also keep you informed on any possible recalls or warranty repairs. By utilizing the online coupons, dealership service is not only more professional, but frequently cheaper than those other shops. Your service advisor will never try to upsell you to a part or service that you don’t need.

Collision Center Only Authorized Shop in Vegas

The Chapman Las Vegas Collision Center is the only repair center authorized to repair Chrysler and Jeep products in Las Vegas. If you have a few dings or dents, you can either call or contact them online to make an appointment for everything from collision and paintless dent repair to replacing cracked or pitted glass. If you’re looking to restore that showroom shine, the Collision Center also offers a detailing service that will make the exterior and interior look like new. You’ll have to leave your car for service, but the pros at the Collision Center can work with you and your insurance to arrange a rental car. The Chapman Las Vegas Collision Center is certified by ASE, DMCV and i-Car Gold. They offer free estimates no matter what make or model of your vehicle.


Internet Offers Important Information

Long gone are the days when a person would show up at a car lot with no real idea of what they wanted or how much it would cost. The advent of the Internet puts a literal mountain of information at the fingertips of every consumer, helping them make many decisions before they ever leave their home. The Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are in front of the technological wave that provides knowledge like inventory, price and vehicle history reports right from each dealership’s website.

Make a Budget

Before you go looking for a car, it’s good to know exactly how much you can afford. If you’re paying cash, remember to add in the taxes and fees, as well as how much the new car will change your insurance payment. If you plan on financing the vehicle through traditional financing, use the Internet to know what kind of percentage you are looking at. If you have superior credit, many times a dealership can offer the best deal on a finance rate. Leasing is becoming a more popular option, especially if you like to get a new car every 3 years or so. Lease payments are generally lower than traditional finance and many automakers have great lease deals on particular models.

Know What You Want, Know What You Need

While you may want a Bentley or Lamborghini, that might not be the best fit for either your situation or pocketbook. Take a good long look at what you actually need and then try and find a vehicle that fits those requirements while ticking off as many of your “want” items as possible. For instance, if you have a large family, perhaps a large SUV or minivan is what you really need. But, if you have a hankering for leather seats, a killer sound system and a moonroof, that may put those vehicles out of your budget range. In that case, a slightly used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle might be your best bet.

Know Your Trade-in Value

Although you can go to many different Internet consumer sites to establish your vehicle’s trade-in value, there are many factors that may make that value different than what a used car manager will actually offer. For instance, if you have a Honda Accord and the dealership already has a glut of Honda Accords on the lot, they might not offer top dollar. Similarly, if you’re buying a vehicle that is in high demand and short supply, the dealership might not be as quick to offer as much for your car. Talk to the pros at Chapman Las Vegas and they can tell you exactly how to get the most for your car while landing the new vehicle of your dreams.