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Pick the Best Season for Demand

There are many great tips on how to get the best for your trade-in, but one of the top ways is to pick the best season to sell your particular brand of vehicle. Although it’s generally sunny in Las Vegas most times of the year, the rainy season probably isn’t the best time to cash in on your primo LeBaron convertible. Also, if gas prices are on the rise, the demand will be lower for a gas hogging SUV. If you see a lot of vehicles similar to yours on the lot at one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, chances are there might be a better time to do a trade.

Know Your Stuff

Don’t go into the dealership totally blind about the worth of your vehicle. Websites like and have vehicle value calculators that do a reasonable job of providing a ballpark estimate as to what your ride will bring in a private party sale vs. a dealership trade-in. Remember, dealers have a responsibility to sell only safe, dependable cars, so if yours is going to need a lot of work to bring it up to snuff, make sure you figure that into the trade value. As mentioned earlier, demand is a big factor as well. If you’re trading in a minivan and you see 20 pre-owned minivans on the lot, you might not get as much as you expect.

Bring it Back to Showroom Condition

If you can’t bring it back to showroom condition, at least give your car a thorough scrubbing both inside and out. If it costs $20 for a premium car wash, you’ll get that money back in spades by just taking the time to show you have pride of ownership. If a used car appraiser has to move aside hamburger wrappers and drink cups just to take a seat behind the wheel, that person may not be as motivated as possible to put a big number on your trade.

Let the Dealer Know What You Know

It doesn’t help your case to play dumb when it comes to the negotiation process. The sales staff and management at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships will be up front with you through the entire sales process, so it helps if you’re up front with them. Just mention that you’ve researched your vehicle online and found it to be worth $X. They may agree with you, or come back with a different number and offer an explanation why the figures don’t match. Either way the negotiation process doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Chapman Las Vegas professionals don’t play games like holding your keys or your license. These are modern dealerships that want to create a pleasant shopping experience so you’ll come back the next time you need a new vehicle.


Value Center Now Dedicated to Truck Lovers

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently reported, the Chapman Value Center on Boulder Highway has undergone a facelift and now serves as the only pure Ram Truck Center in Nevada. Although it will still sell different models of new and used cars and trucks, the attention will be purely on the Ram brand of pickups. As part of the Chapman Las Vegas family of dealerships, the Ram Truck Center is the place to go for your next Ram truck.

Ram Trucks Offer Variety of Choices

From the eight different trim packages on the Ram 1500 to the larger 2500, 3500, Chassis Cabs and Promaster Vans, Ram has a truck for every possible need. The Ram 1500 Tradesman is the truck of choice for many individuals and contractors who just need a basic truck to haul materials or cargo. Other choices, like the Big Horn, offer a more sophisticated interior. The Rebel adds some sporty styling and your choice of the standard 5.7L V8 Hemi or the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6. Move all the way up to the top-of-the-line Limited edition for a truck that is as luxurious on the outside as it is in the cabin. Extensive use of chrome accents and a premium leather interior make this truck at home whether you’re heading to the opera or an off-road adventure.

Only Half-ton Truck to Offer Diesel Option

The Dodge Ram is the only half-ton production truck to offer the choice of a diesel, making it far and away the most fuel-efficient choice among all competitors. The diesel produces an impressive 420 pound-feet of torque along with 240 horsepower, making sure you’re not sacrificing payload and towing power for fuel efficiency. Ram trucks offer a four-corner air suspension system that helps level heavy loads along with increasing fuel efficiency on the highway. When you reach highway speeds, the truck automatically lowers to achieve the best aerodynamic performance. Other technology helps keep your tow load stable and gives you the ability to start from a dead stop on a hill without drifting backwards.

Truck Center Offers Best Selection

By converting the Value Center to the Ram Truck Center, Chapman Las Vegas is capitalizing on the demand for the popular trucks. “This is an exciting strategic move for Chapman and our dealerships here in Southern Nevada,” Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram GM Don Hamrick told the Review-Journal. “The Ram truck continues to be a best seller and with our dedicated location, we’re delivering on the expectations of consumers, offering the best selection of new and pre-owned Ram Trucks.”