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Drive When You Want

When the State of Nevada made rideshare driving legal late last year, it opened up a world of opportunity for drivers who want to make a little extra cash with services such as Uber and Lyft. For those who don’t know, rideshare drivers use their own vehicles to transport riders around town. Since Las Vegas is a mecca for tourists, the opportunities here are endless to take people from casino to casino for shows and gambling. According to Edmunds, one of the top consumer publications in the auto industry, there is one thing in common with three of the top five rideshare vehicles; they are hybrids. If you’re looking for a new or gently used vehicle for ridesharing, check in at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Roominess and Efficiency are Key

Remember that to be a successful rideshare driver, you need a vehicle that not only carries people, but also can carry stuff. You’ll be hauling a lot of luggage around, so it’s important to get something that has some cargo room. At the top of Edmunds’ list is the Chevy Traverse. The Traverse isn’t a hybrid, but it can seat up to eight people and get 22 mpg on the highway. As a rideshare driver, you will be paying for your own gas so you need to weigh that when purchasing a vehicle.

Hybrids Now Offer More Room

Although many rideshare drivers utilize the Toyota Prius, the most recognizable hybrid can be limited in cargo room. Larger models such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid and Lexus RX 450h offer more room for storage, a comfortable ride and nice interior appointments. These cars also offer up to 47 mpg in combined driving, meaning you’ll be wasting less time and dollars at the gas station. Remember there are varying levels of rideshare driving, with the highest paying gigs reserved for vehicles like Escalades, Navigators and Town Cars. Those vehicles are much more expensive, and can carry different licensing and insurance requirements. Make sure you get all the information before you make a decision on which car to buy.

CX-5 Provides Room and Mileage

Search the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships website for a deal on a gently used Mazda CX-5. This popular mid-size crossover vehicle is fifth on Edmunds list, providing, room, comfort, power and wonderful fuel efficiency at 33 mpg on the highway. Remember to check your rideshare company’s requirements before purchasing any vehicle. Although conditions vary, most of them don’t want cars more than a few years old. They also must have at least four doors and pass a safety check.

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Hourly Thefts Add Up in Vegas

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun, the city and surrounding area experiences a car theft about once an hour. The worst zip code for car thefts is 89119, followed closely by 89103, 89109, 89121 and 89115, but thieves will take any car, anywhere, especially if it looks like an easy target. Your best bet is to keep your car in a secure garage, but not everyone has a garage. Talk to the service pros at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships to find out the latest in alarm technology, including GPS locators and ignition cut-off switches. Here are some other tips to help your car avoid a trip to the chop shop.

1. Don’t Keep Valuables Inside Car

You may think you’re being clever by putting your valuables in the trunk or under the seat, but thieves are pretty tricky. Stashing anything of value, including jewelry, firearms and even cash, is an open invitation to someone looking to make money the easy way. Thieves watch people they think are vulnerable, whether you’re coming out of an expensive store with a purchase or simply putting things away before heading in for the night. Take your valuables inside with you.

2. Park in Lighted Area

While thieves are bold, that doesn’t mean they are interested in taking on any more risk than necessary. Thieves like to work in the dark, under the cover of nightfall, where public security cameras and spying eyes can’t quite make out what’s going on. If you can’t park in a garage, park in a well-lighted place that’s as conspicuous as possible.

3. Make Theft as Difficult as Possible

When you’re talking to the service advisor at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, consider a multi-layer approach to protecting your car. Alarms alone frequently just annoy the neighbors, so you might want to add a cut-off switch, locking steering wheel bar or some other device to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves.

4. Lock Your Car

Perhaps the most important safety tip of all is to lock your vehicle, even if you’re just leaving for a few minutes. The Las Vegas Police Department says locking your vehicle reduces your chance of theft by more than 60 percent.

5. Keep Information Handy

In the event your car is stolen, make sure you have all the pertinent information handy. You might keep data like the year, model, color and make of the car on your phone, along with the license plate and VIN number. This helps the police get information out quicker, giving you a better chance of recovering your vehicle.