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Give Thieves a Challenge

Car thefts continue to be a problem in Las Vegas, but there are a few things every vehicle owner can do to help ensure their car will remain where it was parked the previous night. The key is to make your car a challenge to thieves, who look for the easiest prey possible so they can take the car quickly and hit the road. Things like alarms, steering wheel bars, window etching, and vehicle locators all contribute to making crooks think twice about taking a car. For alarms and other services that can help make your car less tempting to thieves, swing by any Chapman Las Vegas dealership and talk to a service advisor.

1. Lock it

The simple act of locking your car goes a long way toward making it less attractive for thieves. Lock your car when you leave it, and lock your car when you’re driving. Carjackers like to surprise drivers at stop lights by opening the door quickly. If your car is locked, chances are they’ll just run to a different vehicle. As long as you’re locking your car, if you’re in an area that suffers a rash of thefts, invest in a bar that locks across the steering wheel. Although professional thieves have ways of defeating those locks, the thought of fighting with a huge steel bar will deter people just out looking for a joy ride.

2. Empty Your Car

Only leave the bare minimum of paperwork and little else in your vehicle when you turn in for the day. Never leave your title in your car, and hide your registration where only you know where to reach for it. Often thieves can get away if they are able to produce a registration when stopped by police. Also take all the valuables out of your car, whether its money, electronics, jewelry or firearms. You don’t want thieves thinking they can get an added bonus by stealing a car full of cool stuff.

3. Install Anti-theft Device

Whether its an alarm, ignition cutoff or GPS tracking device, thieves don’t like it when car owners install anti-theft devices. It’s just another challenge that another car down the road may not have. Etching your VIN number in all the windows is another excellent way to deter thieves. Take a few minutes and talk over all the options with your Chapman Las Vegas service advisor.

4. Park Under a Light

The best place to park at night is in a secure garage, but if that’s not an option, try and find a well-lighted spot. Thieves like to work under the cover of darkness and will often avoid an area that is well-lighted, or has the possibility of being under a security camera.

5. Be Aware

Whether you’re driving down the street, coming out of a shopping mall or parking in your driveway, be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for strangers acting suspiciously and drive away if things don’t feel right.


Specialty Auto Gathering at Convention Center

All eyes in the automotive industry will be on Las Vegas this November as the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) holds its annual show at the Convention Center. Although the show is not open to the public, expect to see a wide variety of super cars and odd configurations on the streets of Vegas. More than 100,000 attendees are expected to be on hand to see the latest in accessories, performance parts and concept vehicles. Some of those concept cars may one day end up on the show room floor at one of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

More Than 2,500 Products Offered

By the time the show begins on November 1, show officials say more than 2,400 companies will be displaying at least one new product. Auto industry leaders attend the show to find new items to increase sales and pad the bottom line. More than 1,500 trucks, bikes, ATVs, UTVs and cars with insane modifications will be on display as exhibitors use the show to demonstrate the uses for their products. Business building seminars on topics like social media, marketing and customer service are also part of the show. Everything from collision repair to proper human resources etiquette will be discussed in different forums.

Public Can Attend SEMA Ignited

At the end of the SEMA show, exhibitors will be rolling out their specially modified vehicles to the Gold Lot at the Convention Center in an event that is open to the public. This party, titled SEMA Ignited, not only gives people a chance to see all the cool cars and trucks, but also features food, music and a few celebrities. As part of the Battle of the Builders, competitors will enter their vehicles into a judged contest to see who is the ultimate builder. A special “Young Guns” category is new this year for builders age 35 and younger. Fans of the TV show “Overhaulin’” will recognize master builder Chip Foose, who was one of the 10 finalists last year with his integration of a 1965 Chevy Impala onto the frame of a newer Corvette. SEMA Ignited promises to be great fun for the entire family. General admission is $20 for the show, but students and military personnel can get in free with a valid identification.

Find Your Specialty Vehicle Today

Interest in unique automobiles and muscle cars always goes up around the time of the SEMA show. If you’re interested in something a little newer or more fun to drive, head over to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for the best deal on a new or used vehicle.



Cold Weather Relatives Bound to Appear

There are a few constants in Las Vegas that would be a sure bet if any casino was foolish enough to take the action. 1. It gets hot in the summer. 2. Everyone thinks they will be the one to be the big winner. 3. Most people are disappointed. 4. Your cold weather relatives will treat your house like a vacation resort from October through April. Along with all the other great things about living in Las Vegas, the winter weather is a sure draw for those people who are tired of scraping ice off their windshields. You could continue to drive them around town in the treasured vehicle that you bought your sophomore year in college, or, you could visit one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is to upgrade your ride.

Selection, Selection, Selection

Just like location, location, location is the most important thing in real estate, a wide selection is one of the key factors in selecting a vehicle. With two new car dealerships, a lot totally devoted to gently used vehicles and the only Ram Truck center in Nevada, Chapman Las Vegas offers a wide selection of brand new and quality used cars. Before any used car goes on the lot it undergoes an extensive safety examination to make sure it is roadworthy. Chapman’s certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle inventory only carries Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with very low miles. These vehicles are usually only a couple of years old or newer and retain the rest of the factory warranty, along with an additional CPO warranty, giving you peace of mind that any covered problems will be addressed.

Now’s the Time to Buy New

Every fall the new model year necessitates dealers move out the previous model year vehicles to make room for the new crop. That means massive savings, rebates and special finance and lease deals on select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. With the new Pacifica replacing the Town and Country minivan in the Chrysler lineup, you can expect great deals on the former king of people and cargo hauling. With power sliding doors, Stow ’n Go seats and tons of creature comforts, the Town and Country is the perfect vehicle to show the family the sights of Vegas in relaxed comfort.

Servicing Your Vehicle is a Snap

If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your vehicle, at least make sure all the maintenance is up to date. Go online to the Chapman Las Vegas website and you can schedule your service at your convenience, making sure the service center has the parts you need. That way you’ll be back on the road in a flash, taking the cousins from Ohio on another trip to Hoover Dam.