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You Take Care of It, It Takes Care of You

With most cars well north of the $20,000 mark and many in the $40-$50K range, it makes sense to get the most out of your investment. Many people think that getting 100,000 miles out of a vehicle is about all you can expect, but in truth its not uncommon to get twice that or even more as long as you maintain your vehicle. For many people a new car is an emotional buy, but remember it is a mechanical object made of steel and nuts, bolts, gears, valves and a thousand other parts that need attention. Getting regular maintenance at a service center like the ones at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships is a good place to start your road to 200,000 miles.

Fluids are Life Blood of Your Car

Think  of the fluids that run through the various systems of your car as human blood. If your blood pressure gets low, chances are you aren’t going to have the same energy or ambition as when you’re feeling fine. The same is true of your vehicle. Low oil pressure can make your car stutter and stop and eventually lead to a ruined engine. It’s important to change and check the oil on a regular basis. You need to keep a close eye on the brake fluid, coolant level, transmission fluid and power steering fluid as well. New cars rarely need any type of fluid added, but once you start getting past the 60,000 mile mark, there may be some leakage or burning. By getting a regular oil change at Chapman Las Vegas, all your fluids will be checked and topped off.

Stay on Schedule

Every car comes with a maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, with specific items listed at certain mileage intervals. By going to the same service center all the time, the service advisor will become familiar with your vehicle and let you know about upcoming maintenance so you can plan your budget.

Love Your Car

Loving your car doesn’t mean you have to sleep in it, but it does mean you need to show pride of ownership. Clear out all those french fry baskets and empty cups on a regular basis. Keep it washed and vacuumed and you’ll have more desire to get more miles out of it.

Change Those Filters

Changing the air filter on a modern vehicle is a simple process that will add thousands of miles to the life of the car. You’ll also want to follow manufacturer instructions on when to change the cabin air filter, and of course change the oil filter with every oil change. The service advisors at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are eager to get to know your car and help you both live a long and happy life together.


Celebrate Everything from Corvair to Corvette

If you’re a fan of classic cars, sports cars, off-roaders or just vehicles in general, Las Vegas has a car club for you. Go to and you’ll find links to information on more than 30 different car clubs, offering regular meetings, the chance to learn from experts and most importantly, tons of cool cars. If you’re looking for your cool car, or have one that needs serviced, stop by any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for excellent customer service from trained professionals.

Ferrari Club Open to Past, Current and Future Owners

The Ferrari Club of America, Las Vegas chapter, is looking for new members who either have owned a Ferrari, currently own one, or hope to own one at some future date. The club has regular events where you can get up close and personal with these amazing cars. “Our goal is to inspire ownership, operation, restoration and preservation of Ferrari automobiles,” according to their website. Mopars of Las Vegas is dedicated to Dodge and Chrysler fans, whether they own a classic 60s muscle car or a new Hellcat Charger or Challenger. The club currently has 228 members with 367 vehicles and is well-known across the nation. You don’t have to own a Mopar vehicle to join, but if you’re looking to pick one up you’ll get the best selection and price from Chapman Las Vegas.

Last Chance to Get a New Viper

If you’re looking to join the Viper Owners Association, Nevada Region, this is the last year to buy a new Viper. Fiat-Chrysler America (FCA) has decided to drop the unique sports car from its lineup. People love their Vipers, both for style and the sheer exhilarating performance of driving this beast. The Vegas Valley Mustang Club is for owners of Ford’s historic pony car, as long as its in “reasonably good condition.” This family-oriented club represents more than 50 years of Mustang production, including the Shelby GT models. Regular events give you a chance to show off your Mustang and talk to the public, promoting the club and vehicle.

Rambler, Gremlin and Pacer Owners Take Note

Tired of polishing that old AMC Rambler without showing it off? You need to join the Southern Nevada AMC Club. “Our club is devoted to promoting pride in ownership, restoration, preservation and recognition of these legendary cars,” according to the website. The club participates in a number of local car shows, as well as gathering socially for parties and barbeques. The list of car clubs in Las Vegas is an extensive one. Click on the link above to find out which one best suits your interests or start a club of your own.