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Car Adornments are the Gift that Keep on Giving

Stuck for an idea for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life? How about a shift knob, intake snorkel or floor mats for their prized vehicle? The parts departments at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are loaded with great gift ideas ranging from hats and jackets to replica cars and accessories. Whatever gift you decide on will be a reminder of your affection everytime that person puts it on or steps into their car.

Jeep Has Never-ending Supply of Gifts

If that person in your life owns a Jeep, they are well aware that the brand stands for “Just Empty Every Pocket.” There is a never-ending supply of accessories and after-market parts to make the ultimate off-roader even more ultimate. Accessories range from just a few dollars up into the hundreds, fitting every budget and desire. Get something as simple as door sill guards to help protect a Wrangler from scratches, or a nice front end cover to keep the bugs and dirt off the paint. Chrome exhaust tips, an aluminum fuel filler door or a number of attractive graphics that cling to the metal are all very affordable. If you want to step up in price, consider an upgraded chrome grille, a hard top or a special Jeep emblem. The list of gifts is virtually endless. Talk to the pros at the Chapman Las Vegas parts departments to see which accessories are the most popular.

Muscle Cars Need Love Too

If your gift recipient owns a Dodge Challenger or Charger, there are literally hundreds of gifts in all price ranges that make those special cars just a little more awesome. A premium Katzkin leather interior kit starts at about $800 and goes up, depending on how many seats you cover. A cool stainless steel racing pedal kit can be had for under a hundred bucks. An upscale license plate frame is always a welcome gift for well under $50, or you can spend a bunch more on a hood scoop or replacement hood.

Give the Gift of Maintenance

If you just can’t decide on a new hat, jacket or splashy car piece, why not choose the gift of maintenance. You may not be able to gift wrap a tire rotation, oil change or 30,000 mile checkup, but they all make great presents for the car lover in your life. Take a few minutes out during your holiday shopping to stop by a Chapman Las Vegas dealership parts department to see all the possibilities to fill that special someone’s stocking.


Examine Your Lifestyle for the Answer

If you’re considering a new vehicle this holiday season, one of the things you need to ponder is whether or not you will lease or buy your new car. The finance experts at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships can provide a more comprehensive answer than space allows here, but there are some advantages to both finance options. The old saying “if you lease a car you’re just throwing your money away,” really doesn’t apply in the 21st century. Leasing can be an excellent way to get more car for the money with a lower down payment.

What Are the Advantages of Leasing

According to noted consumer auto advocate, there are many benefits to leasing a new car. Along with the afore-mentioned lower monthly payments, you can usually get into a lease for a lower down payment and the monthly bill allows you to get a more premium level vehicle. Since most leases run the same length as a vehicle’s factory warranty, your car will always be covered for serious repairs. You also pay less sales tax and don’t have to worry about trade-in value at the end of the lease. You simply turn the car in and get another.

There Are Some Disadvantages to Leasing

It’s true, unless you exercise the buy-out option at the end of the lease, that you will never own the vehicle. If you’re a person who likes to pay off a car and keep it for 5-8 years, then a lease is probably not your best bet. Most leases also limit the mileage to between 12,000 and 15,000 per year. If you consistently drive more than that, the penalty could be excessive. You also can’t modify a car to any great extent (other than hanging a pine tree air freshener from the rear view mirror) during a lease. They like to get them back pretty much stock.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying a Car

If you buy a car, whether you pay cash or finance, at some point you’ll eventually own it. It usually takes at least 3 years of making payments, sometimes longer, to reach a break even point where the vehicle is worth as much as you owe. If you try to trade it in before that time, you’ll likely be “upside down” and have to make up the difference between what you owe and what its worth. Talk all the options over with your finance specialist at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership to see whether leasing or buying best suits your needs. They’re happy to work with you to get a payment and terms with which you can be comfortable.