A Little Homework Can Save Money on Car Insurance

Arm Yourself With Information

According to the Kiplinger website, a recent investigation by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department found that less than a third of insurance agents offered information on discounts that would have resulted in significant savings to customers. The moral of that story is that you need to do your homework when shopping for car insurance, which starts with a visit to NAIC.org. That consumer website has links to your state insurance office where you can research complaints and find more information that may be helpful to get you lower insurance rates. As you probably already know, insurance can vary greatly depending on the year and model car you drive. If you’re looking for a more insurance-friendly vehicle, head to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for the best selection and price.

Shop Around and Compare Premiums

It used to be more of a pain to shop around for insurance than it is these days. No longer do you have to call a dozen agents, simply compile all your vehicle and driver information and just paste it into an e-mail. Send one to all the major carriers, and then check out independent sites like InsuranceQuotes.com. If you take the time to check out a dozen or so insurance companies, you might be surprised at the wide variation in rates. Of course, price is not the only factor. You need to do your research to make sure that an insurance company will also pay off in a timely fashion should you ever be in an accident.

Take Control of Your Teen’s Driving

If you have a 15-year-old that’s thinking about driving next year, you’d best hold onto your hats. Teenage insurance rates can bring a parent to tears, and if your child should get a ticket or an accident, the rates just keep climbing. There are things you can do, including making sure your teen qualifies for good grades discounts, driver-training discounts and make sure you buy a car that’s safe and consider a good risk. Some car companies even have teen driving features that help keep rates lower. Ask your friendly sales pro at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership about the best car to keep your teen driver safe and the rates as low as possible.

Drive Safe, Raise Your Deductibles

Keeping that lead foot off the gas is a very good way to keep your insurance rates from rising. Even a simple traffic ticket can have a very negative effect on your monthly payment. If you have a fairly low deductible, consider raising it to $500 or $1000. True, that will be money out of your pocket if you have a claim, but you can quickly make that back in monthly savings.

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