Five Keys to Knowing its Time to Trade Your Car

‘Depend’ is Not One of its Abilities

One of the most important features of any vehicle is dependability. If you find yourself saying a prayer, rubbing the head of a red-headed boy and reciting a good luck mantra every time you step into your vehicle, it might be time for a trade-in. No one likes a car payment, but the lease and financing deals at any Chapman Las Vegas dealership are surprisingly affordable, and usually much less than the monthly bills at the local auto parts store. Have credit problems? The finance pros at Chapman Las Vegas have plenty of contacts to help you get an affordable loan.

Safety is a Prime Consideration

So your 1985 Chevy has served you well. It’s taken your kids home from the hospital, hauled them to soccer practice and was where you got your first kiss. It is also dangerous. Safety technology has improved vastly in the last 30 years, with strategic airbag placement, smart chassis design and driver assistance features that help avoid collisions. Something to think about.

Is it Time for Expensive Maintenance?

So, you’ve just passed the 150,000 mile mark and your Yugo is living on borrowed time. It needs tires, a timing belt, new windshield, an alternator and gosh knows what else. There’s an old saying “don’t chase good money after bad.” Before you spend a couple of thousand fixing up the old wreck, see what that type of down payment can get you at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership. One tried and true formula according to “If the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle or one year’s worth of monthly payments, it’s time for another vehicle.”

Peace of Mind is a Good Thing

You’d really like to go on some day trips; maybe go see the Grand Canyon, maybe head up to Aunt Lucy’s house in Reno, but you’re just not sure the old boat will get there without a problem. Trading your car in on a new vehicle gives you at least a 3-year, 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty along with free roadside assistance if you get in a jam. It’s better to part with your car when it’s still running than to wait and have to call a tow truck.

You Know Your Mechanic’s Kids’ Names

Have you spent so much time at your local service station that you not only have a first name relationship with the mechanic, but know the spouse and kids names as well? That’s a sure sign that you are pouring way too much money down the drain fixing an old car. If your car is a classic, that’s one thing. Spend the money, cherish it, keep it in the garage until your Sunday brunch drive and be ready to pull over and pull a wrench. But for daily transportation nothing beats a dependable late model car that includes all the technology the 21st century can offer.

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