Chapman Your Home for AEV Vehicle Conversions

AEV Creates Total Off-Road Driving Experience

Chapman Las Vegas is your one-stop shop to get the specialized American Expedition Vehicle (AEV) conversions that turn a regular 4×4 into an off-road monster. From an aggressive front bumper that offers extreme protection and style to high quality materials on the interior that stand up to years of off-road abuse, AEV conversions create a standard of excellence that show your serious exploration side. AEV starts with a powerful pickup, such as the Ram 3500 Big Horn, or an iconic Jeep Wrangler, than adds the parts that work together to give you the world’s premium off-road vehicle, whether you’re planning on driving the back roads of the Nevada desert or have some more serious territory on your exploration agenda.

Rear Bumper Serves a Purpose

AEV has put a lot of thought into all the components that go into one of their conversions, but the rear bumper may be the most innovative and impressive. Along with offering your vehicle maximum protection, the AEV rear bumper provides a place to carry oversized tires, extra fuel, an off-road jack and shovel. Rear corner guards are a special optional touch that provide more protection when you get out on the trail. The hood is another innovative touch from AEV, with a domed heat reduction feature that keeps your engine cool on even the hottest Nevada day.

Big or Little, the Lift is Up to You

AEV conversions have lifts ranging from two to 4.5 inches, accommodating tires as large as 37 inches. Of course, the higher the lift, the more ground clearance you have and bigger tires deliver more grip. The lifts all work in conjunction with the dual sport suspension system that offers more articulation than normal for four-wheel drives. This helps when you’re crawling over large boulders or trying to cross tricky crevices that eat most four-wheel drive vehicles.

Chapman Las Vegas Known for Customer Service

All the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are known for their customer service, offering a caring and knowledgeable sales team that is ready to answer any of your questions, whether they be about AEV conversions or any other vehicle. Chapman’s large inventory ensures you’ll find the vehicle that suits your needs at a price you can afford. Weekly sales and lease specials help keep payments in an affordable range. Chapman’s finance experts will work with you no matter what your credit history may be, ensuring you’ll be able to take home the vehicle of your dreams.

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