Keep Your Car Cool as Summer Temps Soar

Easter is over and Memorial Day looms on the horizon. For Las Vegas residents, that means the days of balmy daytime temperatures and cool nights are coming to an end. If you’re tired of burning your hands on the steering wheel when you get ready to go home after a long day’s work, please consider these stay cool tips from the dealerships at Chapman Las Vegas.

Remote Start is Your Friend

Seriously, the ability to push a button a few minutes before you’re ready to leave and have your car be a comfortable 75 degrees is worth its weight in gold. There are plenty of new and used cars at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships with this handy feature, or you can talk to any of the service advisors about installing a system in your current vehicle. This just may be the best thing to hit Las Vegas since the Rat Pack or 99-cent shrimp cocktail.

Have it Made in the Shade

If you can’t find covered parking, go ahead and figure out where the sun will be when you’re getting ready to leave your destination and try and park where a tree or some other shade will give your car a bit of relief. A windshield cover is less than 10 bucks and can cut the interior heat dramatically. If you don’t already have tinted windows, get them tinted as dark as the law allows. The more heat you can reflect, the cooler your car will stay.

Roll Down the Windows for Two Minutes

It used to be known as “260 Air;” that’s two windows rolled down at 60 miles per hour. When you get in your car that’s been sitting in the sun for awhile, roll down the windows for a couple of minutes. While the blast of hot air will be uncomfortable for a few minutes, allowing all that pent-up heat in your car to escape while you have the air conditioner on max air will really cool your car down much quicker.

Never, Ever Leave a Living Thing in the Car

It doesn’t matter if you’re just running in for a soda, remember to never leave your pets, children, grandparents or any other living thing in the car during the summer. Even if you leave the AC on, the possibility of the car stalling or the air to stop working for any other reason is just too dangerous. Make sure your car is ready for summer with a coolant check and oil change. Stop in at any Chapman Las Vegas dealership for a complete inspection to make sure you’re not stuck alongside the road during triple digit temperatures.

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