Heat is Enemy of Your Car’s Battery

The summer Las Vegas sun is good for some things; tanning by the pool comes to mind, as does keeping the permanent population to a manageable level. One thing it is not good for is extending the life of your car battery. Heat, not cold, is the true enemy of your vehicle’s battery. Just because it comes with a multi-year warranty, your battery may very well not last more than a couple of years after baking in the hot Las Vegas summer. The service pros at Chapman Las Vegas advise there are a few things you can do to extend your battery’s life.

Keep it Clean

To make sure you are taking full advantage of your vehicle’s charging system, it’s important to keep your battery clean and eliminate any corrosive materials. Dirt and grease can accumulate on the battery, which serves to draw power away from the cells. If that goes on long enough, one or more cells in your battery will fail, leaving you stranded (usually on the hottest day of the year) in a mall parking lot. Bring your vehicle into the service department of any Chapman Las Vegas dealership for a complete electrical system checkup. The technicians will not only clean your battery terminals, but make sure the battery has the proper amount of water. They’ll also check your alternator and entire electrical system to make sure its operating properly.

Get a Cooling System Flush

As long as you have your vehicle in for service, ask about a cooling system flush. The Chapman Las Vegas technicians will force all the gunk and old anti-freeze out of your cooling system using a pressurized attachment. This not only gets rid of old corrosive materials, but can help identify any areas that are leaking, or about to leak. With fresh coolant and brand new belts and hoses, your cooling system will be ready to take on those seemingly endless days of triple digit temperatures.

Check Those Tires

The summer Vegas heat isn’t only hard on the battery and cooling system, it can also play havoc with your tires. It’s important to maintain the manufacturer-suggested tire pressure, as tires react to the rapidly changing outside temps. According to Fox5 of Las Vegas, Freeway Patrol drivers respond to numerous breakdowns that could be avoided with a little preventive maintenance. “We’re running into a lot of people who are just neglecting their cooling system, the tire pressure and the tires themselves,” Freeway Patrol driver Eric Roberts told the station. “If your air pressure is low, the tire temperature rises and that’s what causes a lot of damage on the freeway.” Getting regular oil changes and vehicle inspections at your Chapman Las Vegas service center can mean the difference between a trouble-free summer and one spent standing alongside the road waiting for help.

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