Auto Sales Rep Not Your Enemy

You may have an idea in your head about the typical car salesperson that’s not altogether accurate in the modern world. If a checkered-pants wearing, slick-haired man with white shoes is your idea of the typical car sales associate, you’re living in the 1960s. The world of car sales has evolved over the past couple of decades as consumers have become more educated than ever with Internet tools to help make smart decisions about buying cars. As a result, dealerships like those under the Chapman Las Vegas umbrella are more service oriented than ever, knowing that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Give your local car salesperson (women now make up a large part of the workforce) a chance and you might be surprised how much they can help you find just the right ride.

They Know the Inventory

You could spend all afternoon walking around the lot trying to find that Firecracker Red Wrangler with black cloth interior that you’ve built on the Internet about a hundred times, or you could lower your defenses just a bit and ask a salesperson. A good sales associate, like the ones at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, keeps up-to-date on both the new and used car inventory. They know when somebody trades in a low mileage creampuff even if it’s not quite ready to go on the lot. By developing a warm relationship with a sales associate, you can benefit from all their inside knowledge about the vehicles that are on display or hiding somewhere deep on the back lot.

They Want to Make You Happy

A sales associate has absolutely nothing to gain by making you angry. A good sales associate will listen to your needs and concerns and offer to give you plenty of space if you just want to look around. Then, when you do have a question, they’ll be ready with the answer. The 1960s are long gone at most dealerships, including the Chapman Las Vegas new and used car centers. They aren’t going to steal your keys, try to put you into a vehicle you don’t want or try and give you an unfair price for your trade.

They Are Your Ombudsman with Management

At most dealerships, sales associates do not make the final deal. They know approximately what they can–and cannot–sell a vehicle for, but it’s management that authorizes any final arrangements. By sharing what you really need to get a deal done–whether it’s a monthly payment or overall final price, the sales associate can work with management to help make that happen. There’s an old saying that goes “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Replace “mama” with “customer” and you understand the overriding philosophy at Chapman Las Vegas.

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