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An optimistic person might look at the middle of July as being halfway through summer, although the daytime temps don’t really start to cool down until October. A more pessimistic person might see the remaining months as an endless stretch from which there is little relief. Whether you lean toward the positive or negative, there is cool relief just a short drive from the Strip at Mount Charleston. Before you head up the mountain, make sure and stop in at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships to get your fluid levels checked, tires rotated and an oil change if needed.

Ranges up to 12,000 Feet

Even sun worshippers need a break from the unrelenting heat of a Las Vegas summer. With peaks as high as 12,000 feet above sea level, Mount Charleston offers temperatures 25 to 40 degrees cooler than that of the desert. Mount Charleston has 52 miles of hiking trails that will take you past flowers, large trees and even some waterfalls. The Mary Jane Falls trail is one for beginners and families with children that will take you past a seasonal waterfall. Only two miles long, this trail also features a cave for you and the kids to explore. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try the half-day hike at Big Falls or Cathedral Rock. Both offer phenomenal views.

Mount Charleston Lodge Offers Relaxing Weekend

If you only have a couple of days and would rather put your feet up than challenge a trail, consider the Mount Charleston Lodge. At 7,717 feet, you’ll be surrounded by nature, big trees, phenomenal views and the cooler temperatures that you’ve been craving. The Lodge has the only restaurant at the top of Kyle Canyon, serving delicious meals and the famous Mount Charleston Coffee. The Lodge offers 24 cozy cabins where you can lay your head, open a window and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Resort at Mount Charleston Offers Gaming

If you miss the sounds of slot machines or just want to take a break from all the nature while still being surrounded by cool temperatures, the Resort at Mount Charleston offers a rustic, relaxing retreat that includes gaming only 30 minutes from the Strip. This pet-friendly lodge features the same breathtaking views as the local campsites, but lets you relax with amenities like a hot shower, fine restaurants and hand-crafted cocktails. The Lodge also has special event packages for weddings or other celebrations. Get your car ready for the road at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and then head up the mountains before the summer days give way to winter snow.

While it’s certainly nice not to have a car payment, there are some good reasons to finally give up on your old ride and buy a new vehicle. If you’re current car isn’t safe, is costing you more in repair bills than a monthly payment on a new car, or it just doesn’t fit your transportation needs, it’s time to come into any Chapman Las Vegas dealership and consider a new vehicle. You can do your homework first, searching the inventory on the Chapman Las Vegas website to find just the right vehicle that suits your needs. You can even pre-qualify online, and get a good idea of the monthly payment you can afford.

There’s no Substitute for Safety

Aside from the technological innovations that make new vehicles safer than old vehicles, there comes a time when old Betsy just isn’t safe for the road anymore. If you find your car stalling or losing power without warning, or perhaps a wheel is making a noise like an old steamboat struggling to navigate the Mississippi River, you could be heading for an accident. New vehicles offer safety cage protection that diverts energy away from the occupants in the event of a crash. New vehicles also come with features like backup cameras and sensors that alert you to an impending collision. Air bags, seatbelt pre-tensioners and automatic communication devices that call for help in the event of a wreck are some other reasons to consider a new car.

At Some Point, it’s Cheaper to Buy New

Although you can continue to milk your old ride for quite a while by keeping up with maintenance and spending a few hundred dollars here and there to fix worn out components, at some point the cost of fixing your old car outweighs the price of a new vehicle. Reliability is one factor to consider when weighing whether to buy a new car. Is it a roll of the dice every time you go out to start your vehicle? Missed appointments, being late for work and the hassle factor might be enough to persuade you to buy a new vehicle.

Maybe Your Car Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

That two-seat sports car was awesome when it was just you, and then you and your spouse. But then a kid came along. And a dog. And another kid. And another dog. Pretty soon you needed a trailer to haul the family around. The Chapman Las Vegas dealerships have a wide selection of full-size SUVs, both new and used, that take the work out of transporting your family. You can even keep the sports car for those Sunday brunch outings.