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Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, need to schedule a maintenance visit or are ready to start the financing process, the Chapman Las Vegas website makes solving your transportation needs as easy as a few mouse clicks. The entire inventory of more than a thousand vehicles is on the website, complete with pictures and a detailed description. No longer do you have to drive around to several dealerships in the heat. Just search the inventory, make a call to make sure the vehicle is still available, and show up for a test drive.

CarFAX Reports Offer Detailed History

When you buy a used vehicle from a private party, often there is no way to know a vehicle’s history without paying for a report yourself. The Chapman Las Vegas website has offers CarFAX reports detailing the complete history of each vehicle, including odometer statements at each change of ownership, any accident history and even the vehicle service history. The CarFAX report will give you the title status, length of ownership at each stop and any recall and warranty information as well.

Check Back Often for Weekly Specials

Chapman Las Vegas offers weekly specials on both its new and used inventory, often resulting in savings of thousands of dollars off the suggested retail price. Fall is a perfect time to take advantage of sales on vehicles from the outgoing model year, as the dealerships need to make room for the new inventory. The Chapman Automotive Group has been in business since 1966 and is committed to delivering the best car buying experience possible. The user-friendly website is just another way the company makes the sometimes tedious task of buying a new vehicle much more pleasurable.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Click on the links to any of the individual dealerships and you’ll be taken to a site where you can schedule your next maintenance appointment. No one enjoys sitting around a service bay, although the modern Chapman service locations provide a comfortable customer experience. Schedule your appointment and you’ll be in and out as quickly as possible. Chapman Las Vegas even offers free rides back to your home or place of work so you can get on about your day while the trained technicians attend to your vehicle’s needs.

Financing Just a Click Away

It’s always best to have a good idea of how much vehicle you can afford before you head to the dealership. With the Chapman Las Vegas website, you can fill out all your financial information online, eliminating the need for a lot more paperwork at the dealership. With your information in hand, the finance pros can arrange the best interest rate and let you know exactly how much vehicle you qualify for. It’s just another service that makes Chapman the people-pleasing company in the auto industry.

Although daytime might be a bit hot to put your convertible top down, there are few things as fun as cruising around Vegas with the wind in your hair after the sun goes down. Whether you choose a Jeep Wrangler, Mazda Miata or something more expensive, cruising the Strip with the top down is an adventure that brings something different every night. Check out the inventory of new and used convertibles at any of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Convertibles Built for Extroverts

If you’re a party animal and don’t mind letting everyone know it, a convertible is a great way to let your inner wild child flex his or her muscles. Slip behind the wheel of a Mustang or Camaro convertible and cruise around town and you’ll be surprised at all the things you’ve been missing from the protected seat of your hardtop. People love to interact with people in convertibles, especially in Las Vegas. You might make some new friends or get invited to a party that you otherwise might have missed.

Wrangler Perfect for Street or Trail

Pick up a new or used Wrangler from a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and your fun isn’t limited to cruising around town. Head to the nearby mountains and put the top down to let nature bathe you in the sounds and smells of wildlife and pine trees. The Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle, providing plenty of clearance and four-wheel drive ability to take you places you’ve never been. Run it through the car wash and the Wrangler can also be the ultimate party vehicle, letting you sit up high and take in all the neon and wild happenings of a night in Las Vegas.

Convertibles Offer Great Visibility

Although not traditionally thought of as safer vehicles than hardtops because, well, the lack of a hard top, convertibles do provide amazing visibility that hardtops don’t offer. A quick look to the right or left and you can see the vehicles and other obstacles lurking in the traditional blind spots. Convertibles also let you hear things you might not otherwise hear if you were surrounded in a metal cocoon.

Cruise Around in Style

Let’s face it, convertibles are just cooler than most traditional hardtops. Whether you choose a VW Beetle, Mazda Miata, one of the afore-mentioned Pony Cars or step up to the premium BMW or Mercedes brands, there’s just something about driving around with the wind in your hair and the stereo cranked up that makes a mundane drive more fun. Check out the entire inventory of new and used convertibles by visiting the Chapman Las Vegas website.