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With the recent hurricanes causing fuel prices to go higher than they’ve been in some time, it becomes more important than ever to get the most gas mileage possible out of your car. There are some simple tips to help you drive more efficiently that will also make you safer on the road. One way to increase mileage is to get a vehicle inspection at any of your Chapman Las Vegas Dealerships. A quick tune-up and oil change help boost the mileage and save you money in the long run.

Keep Tires Inflated

If you have a modern vehicle, chances are you have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that alerts you when one or more of your tires falls below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure rating. If you don’t have a modern vehicle, taking a few minutes once every couple of weeks to check the air pressure in all the tires can boost your mileage by as much as 3 percent. Don’t forget to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles so they’ll wear evenly. That not only boosts your gas efficiency, but also helps you not invest in tires as often.

Drive with a Relaxed Attitude

Do you find yourself stomping on the gas every time the light goes green, racing to get through a yellow light only to screech the brakes when the signal goes to red? You need to relax. By driving the speed limit, starting off the line casually and timing the lights so you hit as many green signals as possible, you can save up to 33 percent on your fuel costs. You’re not in a race. Chill out.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines

When was the last time your car had a tune-up? Check your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance on your vehicle and follow it to the letter. By getting regular tune-ups, replacing oxygen sensors when needed and getting regular oil changes, your vehicle will not only last longer, but you can save a ton on fuel costs. Don’t forget to check your gas cap. A cracked or missing gas cap (rags don’t count) can let gas evaporate, taking your hard-earned dollars up into the vapor. Take your car into any of the service centers at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and get it running properly.

Take the Junk Out

There’s a reason why race drivers get rid of extra weight; it makes their car run more efficiently and faster. Are you still carrying those cement blocks in your trunk from last winter? Are those empty bottles you meant to take to the recycling plant still rattling around in the back? Taking all the unnecessary weight out of your car will have surprising results at the fuel pump. Remember, every little bit counts.

Gone are the days when a shade tree mechanic armed with a set of box end wrenches and a hammer could pretty much fix any problem with your car. New vehicles are sophisticated machines with computerized technology that requires trained technicians, like the ones at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, to diagnose and fix problems. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, which is why it makes sense to consider an extended warranty when buying a new or used vehicle.

It’s a Roll of the Dice

Once you get past your new car bumper-to-bumper warranty, it’s really a roll of the dice whether you need an extended warranty or not. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, chances are you couldn’t afford a thousand dollar (or more, perhaps much more) surprise when the air conditioning goes out or your vehicle develops an electrical problem. When buying a new car, you should ask yourself if you plan on keeping it past the period of the new car warranty. If so, you should strongly consider including an extended warranty in the financing. For a few dollars a month, you can really give yourself peace of mind when it comes to know your vehicle repairs are covered.

Ask Some Questions

Before you sign up for an extended warranty, it makes sense to ask a couple of questions. One is who will stand behind the warranty? Do you need to take it to a specific repair shop, or are any certified shops covered under the plan? You should also make sure and ask what’s covered. Most regular maintenance items such as tires, windshield wipers and oil changes are not covered by extended warranties. Many warranties also offer different tiers of coverage, with more coverage coming at a higher price. Take the time to read over the coverage to see which plan makes the most sense for your financial situation.

What’s the Alternative?

If you have the discipline to set aside the cost of a warranty each month in a special fund for repair bills, perhaps you don’t need an extended warranty. Unfortunately, most people lack that discipline and after a few months may raid that fund for a new big screen TV, or may need it for an emergency such as a roof repair or hospital bill. The finance pros at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are ready to answer all your questions regarding extended warranties and allow you the time to read over the information and make an informed decision. Do a little research before you buy your next vehicle to prepare to make a decision whether an extended warranty is right for you.

Although everyone loves the smell that comes with a new car, there are some real advantages to checking out the gently used section of any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. For one thing, you can usually get more features to fit your budget by buying a used vehicle. It’s not just the car that depreciates the first few years off the lot, but all the features do as well. That means premium items like leather seats, navigation and a sunroof all add up to a fraction of the cost of buying new. Here are some other ways buying a used car makes sense:

Save on License Fees

Most states base the cost of license plates and registration on the value of the vehicle. New car licensing fees can be hundreds of dollars, but buy something just a few years old and those fees are cut in half or more. Another way to save money is the sales tax on a used car. A lower retail price naturally means lower taxes, which can also add up to hundreds of dollars. Save a few hundred dollars a couple of times and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

Most manufacturers have a Certified Pre-Owned program that takes the cream of the crop from trade-ins, usually with very low miles, and resells them with a great warranty and other benefits. CPO vehicles usually cost a bit more than other used vehicles, but the warranty alone is worth it. They also come with roadside assistance and have gone through a thorough inspection and reconditioning.

No Dealer Add-ons

Many new cars come with dealer add-ons like security systems, glass etching, pinstriping and more. That is rarely the case with used cars, which very well may have had those features during the initial sale, but those days are long gone. Take some time when you head to one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and examine the inventory to see which vehicles have the most extra goodies. They are basically free at this point, so you might as well make the most of them.

Passed Test of Time

If the vehicle you are looking at has tens of thousands of miles, still runs well and the interior and exterior are in good shape, it has passed the test of time. Any bugs that might have reared their ugly heads have long since been resolved, so you should be good to go for many years as long as you provide proper maintenance. Take advantage of the service bays at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for regular oil changes and tire rotations and your used vehicle should provide many years of trouble-free service.