Four Gift Ideas for Auto Lovers

When it comes to holiday gifts for the automobile enthusiast in your life, there are plenty of home runs available at places like the Chapman Las Vegas auto dealerships. Whether your budget includes a new car or a simple accessory, knowing what that special someone has been longing for is as important as how much you spend. While there are plenty of big hits available at a variety of price points, stay away from potential strikeouts. For example, the pine tree deodorizer that hangs from the mirror doesn’t say “I love you” as much as it says, “I’m cheap and your car stinks.”

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re thinking about putting a big red bow on a new or used vehicle, the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships have hundreds of choices starting at just a few thousand dollars for a gently-used vehicle to premium Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram brands. If the idea of “thousands of dollars” on a holiday gift is making you choke just a bit, remember that with awesome finance and lease rates that figure can equate to just a few hundred dollars a month. Now is the time to take advantage of big savings as all the dealerships try to clear inventory off the lot to meet year-end quotas and move out the remaining 2017 model inventory.

Parts, Parts and More Parts

From chrome tire inflator caps, bras to protect the front end, wheels, tires and much, much more, the parts departments at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are a treasure trove from which you can buy presents ranging from just a few dollars on up. If you’ve been listening during the year, that special someone has probably said something about how much he or she would like a certain accessory for their new vehicle. That could include an upgraded stereo. You could buy the unit and put it under the tree with an appointment card for installation.

How About Some Apparel?

Along with numerous accessories available for America’s favorite off-road brand, there are plenty of apparel items available for Jeep lovers. From caps and t-shirts to jackets and hoodies, some Jeep clothing will bring a smile to the face of the most hardened off-roader.

Time for Some Overdue Maintenance

If your friend has been putting off that 3-month oil change for, oh, say the last 9 months, you’ll not only be doing them a favor but their car will breathe a sigh of relief when you prepay for some maintenance at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Make sure and kick in a little extra for a new air cleaner filter and some other odds and ends. If your friend isn’t changing the oil, chances are there are other items that need attention. It may not be the sexiest gift but you’ll have peace of mind by helping them keep their car on the road.

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