Start New Year Right With Vehicle Check-up

If your normal New Year’s resolution involves losing weight, working out on a regular basis or maybe even going back to school, congratulations for focusing on personal improvement. However, you might need a healthier body if your car breaks down and you’re forced to walk a mile or two for help, particularly in the summer. With that in mind, Chapman Las Vegas would like to help you keep your car in fine running order with a few suggestions for vehicle resolutions.

Develop a Relationship With a Service Advisor

Consider resolving to develop a relationship with a service advisor at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Having a knowledgeable pro to talk to about your car’s needs will make you more inclined to seek service rather than just put a piece of black tape over the check engine light. Your service advisor will be able to help you come up with a maintenance schedule that fits into your budget, while also keeping you abreast of any recalls or other manufacturer information that can affect your vehicle.

Change the Oil and Monitor Fluids

Okay, so you don’t feel like getting chummy with a service advisor. You still need to bring your vehicle in at least three times in 2018 for an oil change and complete inspection. With the Chapman quick service lanes, it takes little time to get you in and out of the dealership. Your vehicle will thank you by not leaving you stranded by the side of the road. Regular oil changes and fluid monitoring not only keep your vehicle running longer, but also reveal any possible problems that could cause a real inconvenience down the road.

Regular Rotation Extends Life of Tires

When you come in to get that oil change, make sure and opt for a tire rotation. It can easily cost $600 or more for a set of new tires. An inexpensive tire rotation keeps the rubber on the road for much longer. An inspection during a tire rotation can reveal suspension or alignment problems that can not only be expensive if not fixed, but can also be dangerous.

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

Along with having your service needs met at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, you might consider bringing your car in for a detail service. If the french fry boxes and sandwich wrappers are piling up and that substance in the bottom of your cupholder doesn’t look like anything from this planet, it’s time to give your car a fresh start for the new year with a good cleaning from top to bottom. You’ll not only like your car more, but it’s proven that well-maintained cars keep running longer than those that are neglected.

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