Consumer Electronic Show Loaded with Vehicle Technology

What was once reserved for items like the latest, greatest big-screen TV, the newest phone and most awesome sounding personal music device is turning into more of a car show this year. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), happening this week in Las Vegas, draws thousands of technophiles from around the world looking to see what’s the new big thing in electronics. This year, the new big things are very big, as they come in the form of the latest automobile technology. From self-driving cars to the best infotainment features, there will be about 300 car-related items at the show. If you can’t make it to the show, take heart as much of that technology will be showing up just down the street in the future on the lots at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

“Alexa, Start My Car”

One of the most anticipated technology items in the CES is the introduction of both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant into the automotive world. People are just getting used to speaking into a box at home and asking to dim the lights or for a recipe for General Tso’s chicken. By incorporating both systems into vehicles, you can now start the car, program your navigation, and turn up the heat or air conditioning while you’re still in your bathrobe. Conversely, once you’re in the car you’ll have the ability to open the garage door, turn on the home lights and pre-heat the oven assuming your house is wired for all that.

Swipe Right, Swipe Left

If you remember the movie Minority Report, you probably recall the cool virtual computer screen that Tom Cruise used to swipe right and swipe left for information. That ability is not far away for modern vehicles, with new heads-up displays that provide “virtual” vehicle information on the windshield, in line with your vision as you keep your eyes on the road. While early versions still have controls in steering-wheel mounted buttons, experts say the day you can just wave your hand and summon new info are not far away.

Autonomous Driving Almost Here

The subject of self-driving cars has been around for a few years now, but the day is coming when all you have to do is program in a destination (using voice recognition, of course) and sit back and enjoy the ride. Along with actual self-driving vehicle exhibits, there are a number of seminars discussing the future and challenges of keeping your hands off the wheel in the cities of tomorrow. Once you’ve learned about the future of mobility, stop by any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and see technology in action. From rolling Wi-Fi hotspots to driver safety assistance features that use sensors and cameras to help avoid collisions, the vehicle of tomorrow has a rolling head start with the technology available today.

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