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If you’ve lived in Las Vegas for awhile, chances are the only time you go to the big casinos is to show out-of-town visitors a good time. Aside from a few professional gamblers, locals know that playing any of the casino games are a bad bet for long-term financial success. What’s also a bad bet for a long-term safe driving record is driving while distracted. Texting, shaving, eating a hamburger and doing anything that takes your attention from the road and other drivers is one of the leading causes in traffic deaths across the nation. The Chapman Las Vegas auto dealerships offer a few pointers to help you keep focused on the road, and to watch out for others who might be paying attention to the wrong thing.

Never, Ever Text and Drive

You’ve heard this message a thousand times and you may be one of the people who says they would never text while driving. But you’re waiting for a message from the Realtor about your house offer, or from your pregnant wife, or perhaps a child who is anxiously awaiting an acceptance letter from college. Your phone dings! You glance down to see it is only your doctor’s office confirming an appointment. Before you can look up your airbag has deployed and you’re headed down a slippery slope that has untold costs of both physical and financial pain. If your phone dings and you’re waiting for something important, pull to a safe area, stop the car and then take a look. If you can’t resist looking at your phone, throw it in the trunk until you get where you’re going. Whatever the message is will keep.

Count to Three Before You Go

Maybe you are one of the people who understand the dangers of distracted driving and would never do such a thing. Unfortunately for you, Contractor Bob is late for an appointment on the west side of town about the time the light turns for you to head north. You step on the gas and the last thing you see is Bob’s F-250 Super Duty grille demolishing the passenger side of your car. If you’re first in line at a stop light, follow the simple rule of counting to three when the light turns green while looking both ways, then take off. It’s a defensive driving step that could save your life.

Be Aware at All Times

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that last year distracted driving was responsible for more than 3,500 deaths and 400,000 injuries. It’s important that you stay focused, but driving defensively and arming yourself with the latest technology are also helpful ways for ensuring you get home safely every day. Always expect the other person to do something stupid and leave yourself an out, just in case they do. It’s also time to consider investing in some of the latest sensor and camera safety technology available at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. There are many late model used and new cars available that provide warnings of an impending collision and will even take steps to avoid a wreck if you should fail to act. Driving in the 21st century is a whole new dangerous world, especially in major cities such as Las Vegas. Do your best to hedge your bets by arming yourself with the latest technology and watching out for the other guy.