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If you’ve lived in Las Vegas for awhile, chances are the only time you go to the big casinos is to show out-of-town visitors a good time. Aside from a few professional gamblers, locals know that playing any of the casino games are a bad bet for long-term financial success. What’s also a bad bet for a long-term safe driving record is driving while distracted. Texting, shaving, eating a hamburger and doing anything that takes your attention from the road and other drivers is one of the leading causes in traffic deaths across the nation. The Chapman Las Vegas auto dealerships offer a few pointers to help you keep focused on the road, and to watch out for others who might be paying attention to the wrong thing.

Never, Ever Text and Drive

You’ve heard this message a thousand times and you may be one of the people who says they would never text while driving. But you’re waiting for a message from the Realtor about your house offer, or from your pregnant wife, or perhaps a child who is anxiously awaiting an acceptance letter from college. Your phone dings! You glance down to see it is only your doctor’s office confirming an appointment. Before you can look up your airbag has deployed and you’re headed down a slippery slope that has untold costs of both physical and financial pain. If your phone dings and you’re waiting for something important, pull to a safe area, stop the car and then take a look. If you can’t resist looking at your phone, throw it in the trunk until you get where you’re going. Whatever the message is will keep.

Count to Three Before You Go

Maybe you are one of the people who understand the dangers of distracted driving and would never do such a thing. Unfortunately for you, Contractor Bob is late for an appointment on the west side of town about the time the light turns for you to head north. You step on the gas and the last thing you see is Bob’s F-250 Super Duty grille demolishing the passenger side of your car. If you’re first in line at a stop light, follow the simple rule of counting to three when the light turns green while looking both ways, then take off. It’s a defensive driving step that could save your life.

Be Aware at All Times

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that last year distracted driving was responsible for more than 3,500 deaths and 400,000 injuries. It’s important that you stay focused, but driving defensively and arming yourself with the latest technology are also helpful ways for ensuring you get home safely every day. Always expect the other person to do something stupid and leave yourself an out, just in case they do. It’s also time to consider investing in some of the latest sensor and camera safety technology available at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. There are many late model used and new cars available that provide warnings of an impending collision and will even take steps to avoid a wreck if you should fail to act. Driving in the 21st century is a whole new dangerous world, especially in major cities such as Las Vegas. Do your best to hedge your bets by arming yourself with the latest technology and watching out for the other guy.

Most automakers now offer some combination of camera and sensor-driven features that not only warn drivers of an impending collision, but also take action to help avoid the collision. These modern technology features are a huge step on the road to self-driving cars, but until the day comes when you can sit back and read a newspaper while your vehicle does all the work, there is no substitute for driving defensively. Being aware of your surroundings at all times and anticipating what other drivers may do will help you reach your destination safely. The folks at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships offer these tips to safe driving:

Don’t Drive While Impaired

This may seem obvious, but impaired driving is still a huge problem on the highways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that more than 10,000 deaths a year on the road are attributed to impaired drivers. Although alcohol is a major culprit, it is not the only cause of accidents and deaths. Recreational and prescription drugs also cause impairment. With the availability of taxis and ride share companies that can be summoned with the touch of a smartphone, it’s best to be safe and not sorry. Catch a ride and stay alive.

Watch Your Speed

The NHTSA estimates that property damage due to drivers speeding is about $40 billion per year and is the cause of around a third of all fatal accidents. Driving 10 mph an hour above the limit in Las Vegas might save you a few minutes, but it also might cost you as traffic tickets are in the hundreds of dollars. Need to get to work on time? Leave a little bit earlier.

Throw Your Cell Phone in the Trunk

You have to text and drive? Really? People got along fine for thousands of years without cell phones. The dealerships in the Chapman Las Vegas group literally have hundreds of vehicles with the ability to provide communication via voice recognition. If you’re not ready for a new car, resist the urge to touch your phone until you can stop safely. Researchers say that a 20-year-old who is distracted by his or her phone has the same reaction time of a senior citizen. Distracted driving is a major problem. If you can’t resist the urge to answer your phone, throw it in the trunk until you get where you’re going.

Anticipate the Other Person’s Mistake

Defensive driving involves seeing the big picture and anticipating the other person’s mistake. If you know the lane to your right is about to end, make room for the driver to merge in front of you. After the light turns green, count to three to give any crossing traffic a chance to clear. Assume the other person is about to make a boneheaded move and your chances of getting home safely will greatly increase.

What was once reserved for items like the latest, greatest big-screen TV, the newest phone and most awesome sounding personal music device is turning into more of a car show this year. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), happening this week in Las Vegas, draws thousands of technophiles from around the world looking to see what’s the new big thing in electronics. This year, the new big things are very big, as they come in the form of the latest automobile technology. From self-driving cars to the best infotainment features, there will be about 300 car-related items at the show. If you can’t make it to the show, take heart as much of that technology will be showing up just down the street in the future on the lots at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

“Alexa, Start My Car”

One of the most anticipated technology items in the CES is the introduction of both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant into the automotive world. People are just getting used to speaking into a box at home and asking to dim the lights or for a recipe for General Tso’s chicken. By incorporating both systems into vehicles, you can now start the car, program your navigation, and turn up the heat or air conditioning while you’re still in your bathrobe. Conversely, once you’re in the car you’ll have the ability to open the garage door, turn on the home lights and pre-heat the oven assuming your house is wired for all that.

Swipe Right, Swipe Left

If you remember the movie Minority Report, you probably recall the cool virtual computer screen that Tom Cruise used to swipe right and swipe left for information. That ability is not far away for modern vehicles, with new heads-up displays that provide “virtual” vehicle information on the windshield, in line with your vision as you keep your eyes on the road. While early versions still have controls in steering-wheel mounted buttons, experts say the day you can just wave your hand and summon new info are not far away.

Autonomous Driving Almost Here

The subject of self-driving cars has been around for a few years now, but the day is coming when all you have to do is program in a destination (using voice recognition, of course) and sit back and enjoy the ride. Along with actual self-driving vehicle exhibits, there are a number of seminars discussing the future and challenges of keeping your hands off the wheel in the cities of tomorrow. Once you’ve learned about the future of mobility, stop by any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and see technology in action. From rolling Wi-Fi hotspots to driver safety assistance features that use sensors and cameras to help avoid collisions, the vehicle of tomorrow has a rolling head start with the technology available today.

While some say the Internet is leading to the cause of the collapse of civilization, even the most ardent critic has to admit that the proliferation of information just a mouse click away has led to some very good improvements. Whether you want to find the best Indian cuisine in your neighborhood, check out the reviews on that new movie or find a future soul mate, the Internet has a lot of positive uses. One of the things the Internet has changed drastically is the way consumers buy cars. There are terabytes of information on the automotive industry, from car reviews and pricing to news on upcoming models and industry trends. A major change that comes from the Internet is the ability of individual dealers to put their stock on the web. Instead of driving all over town, you can check out the inventory at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships online, find the vehicle at the price you want and then go in and finish the purchase.

User-friendly Tools at Your Disposal

Looking for a used F-150 for less than $20,000? Just plug that information into the handy Chapman search engine and all the available results will pop up. What you’ll see is the suggested retail price and any discounts that all figure into the low Chapman price. There will also be multiple pictures and a complete listing of all the vehicles features, rated gas mileage and even the vehicle identification number if you want to look up more information elsewhere. From the same page you can schedule an appointment to see the vehicle and even get your financing pre-approved so once you arrive at the dealership it’s a simple process to finish the deal and drive home.

Schedule Service Online for Fast Service

No matter how modern the waiting area is or how many free donuts the dealership offers, it’s no one’s idea of a fun time to sit around a service center waiting for your car to go through maintenance. Chapman offers free rides to your home or place of business if you like, but if you really want to get through the necessary maintenance of your vehicle in quick time, schedule an appointment through the Chapman Las Vegas individual dealer websites. That not only gives you a fixed time for your repair or maintenance, but also ensures the dealership will have the parts on hand to complete the task. The Chapman Las Vegas website is your one-stop shop to find a vehicle, schedule repairs and learn more about how you can solve your transportation needs from the comfort of your living room or office.

If your normal New Year’s resolution involves losing weight, working out on a regular basis or maybe even going back to school, congratulations for focusing on personal improvement. However, you might need a healthier body if your car breaks down and you’re forced to walk a mile or two for help, particularly in the summer. With that in mind, Chapman Las Vegas would like to help you keep your car in fine running order with a few suggestions for vehicle resolutions.

Develop a Relationship With a Service Advisor

Consider resolving to develop a relationship with a service advisor at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Having a knowledgeable pro to talk to about your car’s needs will make you more inclined to seek service rather than just put a piece of black tape over the check engine light. Your service advisor will be able to help you come up with a maintenance schedule that fits into your budget, while also keeping you abreast of any recalls or other manufacturer information that can affect your vehicle.

Change the Oil and Monitor Fluids

Okay, so you don’t feel like getting chummy with a service advisor. You still need to bring your vehicle in at least three times in 2018 for an oil change and complete inspection. With the Chapman quick service lanes, it takes little time to get you in and out of the dealership. Your vehicle will thank you by not leaving you stranded by the side of the road. Regular oil changes and fluid monitoring not only keep your vehicle running longer, but also reveal any possible problems that could cause a real inconvenience down the road.

Regular Rotation Extends Life of Tires

When you come in to get that oil change, make sure and opt for a tire rotation. It can easily cost $600 or more for a set of new tires. An inexpensive tire rotation keeps the rubber on the road for much longer. An inspection during a tire rotation can reveal suspension or alignment problems that can not only be expensive if not fixed, but can also be dangerous.

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

Along with having your service needs met at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, you might consider bringing your car in for a detail service. If the french fry boxes and sandwich wrappers are piling up and that substance in the bottom of your cupholder doesn’t look like anything from this planet, it’s time to give your car a fresh start for the new year with a good cleaning from top to bottom. You’ll not only like your car more, but it’s proven that well-maintained cars keep running longer than those that are neglected.

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, you can’t do better than the pros at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. They have the best inventory, excellent customer service and will bend over backwards to help you get a phenomenal deal. While the used car managers at the Chapman Las Vegas stores will give you the best value for your trade-in, there’s no doubt that sometimes you can get more for your old vehicle by selling it yourself. Whether you want to put up with the hassle and safety concerns of dealing with strangers is another matter.

What Could Go Wrong?

If you’re asking yourself whether or not to trade in your vehicle, consider the pros and cons of selling it yourself. True, posting an ad online or in one of many different used vehicle publications might get you more money for your trade, but is your effort worth the time and trouble? When you trade a vehicle in, you know you are dealing with a reputable business that will pay off any remaining money owed on the vehicle and properly transfer the title and registration. When selling to an individual, you either need to pay off the amount you owe beforehand or arrange to meet someone at your lending institution and then pay it off. Another issue is safety. When you are dealing with people that you meet on the Internet, you need to take special precautions such as meeting in a public place, insisting on cash (which can mean you’re walking around with thousands of dollars in your pocket) and ensuring that all the proper paperwork is filled out correctly. If the department of motor vehicles doesn’t receive notice that the title and registration has transferred, you could find yourself in a mess if the vehicle is ever used in the commission of a crime.

You Want to Get the Best Deal

Going to a reputable dealer like any of those in the Chapman Las Vegas family ensures you will be treated fairly. There are a number of websites you can go to for a rough estimate of what your trade-in is worth, but that number can vary greatly because of several factors. One factor is the condition of your vehicle. Most car owners are pretty generous in rating their vehicle as “good” or “excellent” when figuring up the trade value online. Dings, dents and stained interior are just a few things that can bring the value of your vehicle way down. You might ask a friend to give you an objective rating on the condition of your car when figuring trade value. Another factor that affects the value of your trade is the current market. If you are trading in a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and the dealer has 30 Grand Caravans on the lot, that can certainly affect the value of your trade. As a starting point, get an estimate of your vehicle’s worth online and then take it in to any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Once you get an idea of how their offer compares with your estimated worth, you can make a decision whether to trade it in or sell it yourself.

When it comes to holiday gifts for the automobile enthusiast in your life, there are plenty of home runs available at places like the Chapman Las Vegas auto dealerships. Whether your budget includes a new car or a simple accessory, knowing what that special someone has been longing for is as important as how much you spend. While there are plenty of big hits available at a variety of price points, stay away from potential strikeouts. For example, the pine tree deodorizer that hangs from the mirror doesn’t say “I love you” as much as it says, “I’m cheap and your car stinks.”

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re thinking about putting a big red bow on a new or used vehicle, the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships have hundreds of choices starting at just a few thousand dollars for a gently-used vehicle to premium Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram brands. If the idea of “thousands of dollars” on a holiday gift is making you choke just a bit, remember that with awesome finance and lease rates that figure can equate to just a few hundred dollars a month. Now is the time to take advantage of big savings as all the dealerships try to clear inventory off the lot to meet year-end quotas and move out the remaining 2017 model inventory.

Parts, Parts and More Parts

From chrome tire inflator caps, bras to protect the front end, wheels, tires and much, much more, the parts departments at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are a treasure trove from which you can buy presents ranging from just a few dollars on up. If you’ve been listening during the year, that special someone has probably said something about how much he or she would like a certain accessory for their new vehicle. That could include an upgraded stereo. You could buy the unit and put it under the tree with an appointment card for installation.

How About Some Apparel?

Along with numerous accessories available for America’s favorite off-road brand, there are plenty of apparel items available for Jeep lovers. From caps and t-shirts to jackets and hoodies, some Jeep clothing will bring a smile to the face of the most hardened off-roader.

Time for Some Overdue Maintenance

If your friend has been putting off that 3-month oil change for, oh, say the last 9 months, you’ll not only be doing them a favor but their car will breathe a sigh of relief when you prepay for some maintenance at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. Make sure and kick in a little extra for a new air cleaner filter and some other odds and ends. If your friend isn’t changing the oil, chances are there are other items that need attention. It may not be the sexiest gift but you’ll have peace of mind by helping them keep their car on the road.

Following the news that a self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas got into a wreck with a human-driven vehicle on the shuttle’s very first day of service, there are undoubtedly going to be those nay-sayers that let out with “I told you so,” but the truth is that someday self-driving vehicles are going to be the rule rather than the exception. In Arizona, following months of testing with humans sitting behind the wheel, a whole fleet of self-driving vehicles are roaming the streets in the Phoenix suburbs. More testing goes on across the nation as automakers try to perfect the hardware and software that will let vehicles safely take over the roads while passengers check their phones, take a nap or watch a movie on their tablets. While you’re waiting for the self-driving cars to take over, now’s a great time to take advantage of year-end deals at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Still Waiting on Flying Cars

Even the baby boomers of the post-World War II era are still waiting on the flying cars promised by Popular Mechanics in the magazine’s 1950s and 1960s issues. While that still seems like decades away, the truth is that a lot of progress has been made on the autonomous vehicle front. Modern driver assistance devices rely on cameras and sensors to warn a driver of an impending collision and then take action to either avoid the wreck or lessen its severity. These systems are now standard on many higher-priced trim level and will soon be standard across the board from most automakers. They are the first steps in a system that will allow a driver to input a destination and then sit back and enjoy the ride as vehicles communicate with each other to theoretically reduce traffic jams and provide a more pleasant commute.

What are the Hurdles?

Aside from the technological hurdles of making a self-driving car actually work, and those are significant, there are also many other challenges before you see autonomous vehicles taking over the road. One of which is regulatory as the rules governing self-driving vehicles have not yet been determined in all states. Whether they are regulated by the state or federal government is a sticking point that has yet to be decided. Another major hurdle is cost. All this technology is already adding thousands of dollars to the price of a new vehicle, and a fully equipped self-driving car is not going to be cheap. How many people will turn up their nose or simply not be able to afford a new vehicle is something yet to be determined. There’s always the issue that many people just like to drive. Crusing through a mountain road with the wind in your hair and the rumble of a throaty exhaust is one of life’s great pleasures and many people may not be willing to give that up.

Drive on Drivers

The truth is that while significant inroads are being made to make a self-driving car possible, the cost, regulatory and fun factors are major hurdles that stand in the way of a fully-autonomous driving society. For now, enjoy your drive and check out your dream vehicle when you take a test drive at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Although the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest events of the year, the main part of the festivities is only open to people in the industry who want to market their automotive accessories. The good news is that SEMA opens up the viewing of specialty vehicles with the SEMA Ignited aftershow, being held this year on Friday, November 3 starting at 3 p.m. on the Las Vegas Convention Center Gold Lot. That’s where you’ll be able to see all the cool builds from the show, a formula drift exhibition, live music and enjoy some food trucks. You can go to to purchase tickets and get more information. For all your local Las Vegas automotive needs, visit any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Battle of Builders Culminates in Aftershow

As anyone who has ever attended the SEMA show can attest, one of the highlights is the battle of the builders, where specialty shops and solo artists create some outrageous concept vehicles. The Battle of the Builders culminates at SEMA Ignited, where all the finalists are spotlighted and the winner is announced. It gives fans and auto lovers a chance to interact with the builders and see just what goes into creating these spectacular vehicles, including the stories that inspired these fantastic creations. There’s also a “Young Gun” category for builders who are under age 27, encouraging young people to get an early start with their automotive works of art. The top 12 builds that are voted on during the SEMA show will lead the cruise over to the SEMA Ignited area.

Special Requirements for SEMA Show

Although SEMA Ignited is open to everyone, the actual SEMA show is only available to people who work in the automotive aftermarket industry. Documentation is required to get an entry badge unless you have attended previous shows. The SEMA show begins October 31 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is designed to showcase the premier automotive specialty products available from around the globe. It is the premier show of its kind in the world and auto industry enthusiasts begin preparing for next year’s show almost as soon as the current event is concluded.

Accessories Big Part of Auto Industry

If you’ve never spent any time in the aftermarket department of a car dealer, you might be surprised at all the options available to personalize your vehicle. Stop by any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and you can find anything from items to increase your performance to just cool looking add-ons meant to put your own stamp on your pride and joy.

If you own a 1997 Honda Accord, a 1998 Honda Civic, 2006 Ford or Chevy full-size pickup or a 1997 Nissan Altima, you just made the list of the top five vehicles stolen in the state of Nevada according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Although the rate of theft in Las Vegas and the surrounding area is down in relation to the rest of the country, it’s still higher than in most areas. Las Vegas ranked 18th in the country for car thefts per capita in 2016, down from a high of second in 2005. For accessories and alarm systems that can help keep your car from becoming a statistic, visit the parts department at any Chapman Las Vegas dealership. Here are some other ways to keep your car from disappearing:

Park in a Well-Lit Area

Car thieves don’t like to be out in the light, especially with the proliferation of cameras in neighborhoods these days. If you can’t park in a garage, try and park under a light or in a populated, busy area. Other clues that car thieves look for are a bunch of parking tickets on the windshield or a layer of dust that indicates the car hasn’t moved in a while. Move your car around regularly even if you don’t drive on a daily basis.

Hide the Electronics

A quick peek inside your vehicle may be all a car thief needs to take a crack at breaking in. Cords, electronics, briefcases and other items of value are like worms to a fish when it comes to car thieves. Either take your valuables inside with you at the end of the day or hide them out of sight.

No Visible Alarm System

When you get your alarm installed at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership, they will make sure there’s a visual indicator that say, “this car is alarmed.” Items like a locking bar across the steering wheel are also good deterrents. While those “Clubs” aren’t fool-proof, it does take some effort to break one open. Usually a thief will just move on to an easier looking score.

Install Kill Switch

Take your car to a service bay at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and they’ll be glad to install a hidden kill switch, which is just another deterrent that a thief has to overcome. Once they realize that bypassing the ignition isn’t doing them any good, they’ll likely move on rather than spend the time looking for the kill switch.

Drive a Stick Shift

If you’ve been looking for another reason to trade your automatic in on a stick shift, a manual transmission is a proven deterrent to car theft. You’d be surprised at how many people, including car thieves, cannot drive a stick shift. If they see it’s a stick, they’ll just move on down the street.