Drive Smarter to Boost Your MPG

With the recent hurricanes causing fuel prices to go higher than they’ve been in some time, it becomes more important than ever to get the most gas mileage possible out of your car. There are some simple tips to help you drive more efficiently that will also make you safer on the road. One way to increase mileage is to get a vehicle inspection at any of your Chapman Las Vegas Dealerships. A quick tune-up and oil change help boost the mileage and save you money in the long run.

Keep Tires Inflated

If you have a modern vehicle, chances are you have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that alerts you when one or more of your tires falls below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure rating. If you don’t have a modern vehicle, taking a few minutes once every couple of weeks to check the air pressure in all the tires can boost your mileage by as much as 3 percent. Don’t forget to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles so they’ll wear evenly. That not only boosts your gas efficiency, but also helps you not invest in tires as often.

Drive with a Relaxed Attitude

Do you find yourself stomping on the gas every time the light goes green, racing to get through a yellow light only to screech the brakes when the signal goes to red? You need to relax. By driving the speed limit, starting off the line casually and timing the lights so you hit as many green signals as possible, you can save up to 33 percent on your fuel costs. You’re not in a race. Chill out.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines

When was the last time your car had a tune-up? Check your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance on your vehicle and follow it to the letter. By getting regular tune-ups, replacing oxygen sensors when needed and getting regular oil changes, your vehicle will not only last longer, but you can save a ton on fuel costs. Don’t forget to check your gas cap. A cracked or missing gas cap (rags don’t count) can let gas evaporate, taking your hard-earned dollars up into the vapor. Take your car into any of the service centers at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and get it running properly.

Take the Junk Out

There’s a reason why race drivers get rid of extra weight; it makes their car run more efficiently and faster. Are you still carrying those cement blocks in your trunk from last winter? Are those empty bottles you meant to take to the recycling plant still rattling around in the back? Taking all the unnecessary weight out of your car will have surprising results at the fuel pump. Remember, every little bit counts.

When Extended Warranties Make Sense

Gone are the days when a shade tree mechanic armed with a set of box end wrenches and a hammer could pretty much fix any problem with your car. New vehicles are sophisticated machines with computerized technology that requires trained technicians, like the ones at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, to diagnose and fix problems. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, which is why it makes sense to consider an extended warranty when buying a new or used vehicle.

It’s a Roll of the Dice

Once you get past your new car bumper-to-bumper warranty, it’s really a roll of the dice whether you need an extended warranty or not. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, chances are you couldn’t afford a thousand dollar (or more, perhaps much more) surprise when the air conditioning goes out or your vehicle develops an electrical problem. When buying a new car, you should ask yourself if you plan on keeping it past the period of the new car warranty. If so, you should strongly consider including an extended warranty in the financing. For a few dollars a month, you can really give yourself peace of mind when it comes to know your vehicle repairs are covered.

Ask Some Questions

Before you sign up for an extended warranty, it makes sense to ask a couple of questions. One is who will stand behind the warranty? Do you need to take it to a specific repair shop, or are any certified shops covered under the plan? You should also make sure and ask what’s covered. Most regular maintenance items such as tires, windshield wipers and oil changes are not covered by extended warranties. Many warranties also offer different tiers of coverage, with more coverage coming at a higher price. Take the time to read over the coverage to see which plan makes the most sense for your financial situation.

What’s the Alternative?

If you have the discipline to set aside the cost of a warranty each month in a special fund for repair bills, perhaps you don’t need an extended warranty. Unfortunately, most people lack that discipline and after a few months may raid that fund for a new big screen TV, or may need it for an emergency such as a roof repair or hospital bill. The finance pros at Chapman Las Vegas dealerships are ready to answer all your questions regarding extended warranties and allow you the time to read over the information and make an informed decision. Do a little research before you buy your next vehicle to prepare to make a decision whether an extended warranty is right for you.

Six Advantages to Buying Used Car

Although everyone loves the smell that comes with a new car, there are some real advantages to checking out the gently used section of any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships. For one thing, you can usually get more features to fit your budget by buying a used vehicle. It’s not just the car that depreciates the first few years off the lot, but all the features do as well. That means premium items like leather seats, navigation and a sunroof all add up to a fraction of the cost of buying new. Here are some other ways buying a used car makes sense:

Save on License Fees

Most states base the cost of license plates and registration on the value of the vehicle. New car licensing fees can be hundreds of dollars, but buy something just a few years old and those fees are cut in half or more. Another way to save money is the sales tax on a used car. A lower retail price naturally means lower taxes, which can also add up to hundreds of dollars. Save a few hundred dollars a couple of times and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

Most manufacturers have a Certified Pre-Owned program that takes the cream of the crop from trade-ins, usually with very low miles, and resells them with a great warranty and other benefits. CPO vehicles usually cost a bit more than other used vehicles, but the warranty alone is worth it. They also come with roadside assistance and have gone through a thorough inspection and reconditioning.

No Dealer Add-ons

Many new cars come with dealer add-ons like security systems, glass etching, pinstriping and more. That is rarely the case with used cars, which very well may have had those features during the initial sale, but those days are long gone. Take some time when you head to one of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships and examine the inventory to see which vehicles have the most extra goodies. They are basically free at this point, so you might as well make the most of them.

Passed Test of Time

If the vehicle you are looking at has tens of thousands of miles, still runs well and the interior and exterior are in good shape, it has passed the test of time. Any bugs that might have reared their ugly heads have long since been resolved, so you should be good to go for many years as long as you provide proper maintenance. Take advantage of the service bays at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for regular oil changes and tire rotations and your used vehicle should provide many years of trouble-free service.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, need to schedule a maintenance visit or are ready to start the financing process, the Chapman Las Vegas website makes solving your transportation needs as easy as a few mouse clicks. The entire inventory of more than a thousand vehicles is on the website, complete with pictures and a detailed description. No longer do you have to drive around to several dealerships in the heat. Just search the inventory, make a call to make sure the vehicle is still available, and show up for a test drive.

CarFAX Reports Offer Detailed History

When you buy a used vehicle from a private party, often there is no way to know a vehicle’s history without paying for a report yourself. The Chapman Las Vegas website has offers CarFAX reports detailing the complete history of each vehicle, including odometer statements at each change of ownership, any accident history and even the vehicle service history. The CarFAX report will give you the title status, length of ownership at each stop and any recall and warranty information as well.

Check Back Often for Weekly Specials

Chapman Las Vegas offers weekly specials on both its new and used inventory, often resulting in savings of thousands of dollars off the suggested retail price. Fall is a perfect time to take advantage of sales on vehicles from the outgoing model year, as the dealerships need to make room for the new inventory. The Chapman Automotive Group has been in business since 1966 and is committed to delivering the best car buying experience possible. The user-friendly website is just another way the company makes the sometimes tedious task of buying a new vehicle much more pleasurable.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Click on the links to any of the individual dealerships and you’ll be taken to a site where you can schedule your next maintenance appointment. No one enjoys sitting around a service bay, although the modern Chapman service locations provide a comfortable customer experience. Schedule your appointment and you’ll be in and out as quickly as possible. Chapman Las Vegas even offers free rides back to your home or place of work so you can get on about your day while the trained technicians attend to your vehicle’s needs.

Financing Just a Click Away

It’s always best to have a good idea of how much vehicle you can afford before you head to the dealership. With the Chapman Las Vegas website, you can fill out all your financial information online, eliminating the need for a lot more paperwork at the dealership. With your information in hand, the finance pros can arrange the best interest rate and let you know exactly how much vehicle you qualify for. It’s just another service that makes Chapman the people-pleasing company in the auto industry.

Although daytime might be a bit hot to put your convertible top down, there are few things as fun as cruising around Vegas with the wind in your hair after the sun goes down. Whether you choose a Jeep Wrangler, Mazda Miata or something more expensive, cruising the Strip with the top down is an adventure that brings something different every night. Check out the inventory of new and used convertibles at any of your Chapman Las Vegas dealerships.

Convertibles Built for Extroverts

If you’re a party animal and don’t mind letting everyone know it, a convertible is a great way to let your inner wild child flex his or her muscles. Slip behind the wheel of a Mustang or Camaro convertible and cruise around town and you’ll be surprised at all the things you’ve been missing from the protected seat of your hardtop. People love to interact with people in convertibles, especially in Las Vegas. You might make some new friends or get invited to a party that you otherwise might have missed.

Wrangler Perfect for Street or Trail

Pick up a new or used Wrangler from a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and your fun isn’t limited to cruising around town. Head to the nearby mountains and put the top down to let nature bathe you in the sounds and smells of wildlife and pine trees. The Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle, providing plenty of clearance and four-wheel drive ability to take you places you’ve never been. Run it through the car wash and the Wrangler can also be the ultimate party vehicle, letting you sit up high and take in all the neon and wild happenings of a night in Las Vegas.

Convertibles Offer Great Visibility

Although not traditionally thought of as safer vehicles than hardtops because, well, the lack of a hard top, convertibles do provide amazing visibility that hardtops don’t offer. A quick look to the right or left and you can see the vehicles and other obstacles lurking in the traditional blind spots. Convertibles also let you hear things you might not otherwise hear if you were surrounded in a metal cocoon.

Cruise Around in Style

Let’s face it, convertibles are just cooler than most traditional hardtops. Whether you choose a VW Beetle, Mazda Miata, one of the afore-mentioned Pony Cars or step up to the premium BMW or Mercedes brands, there’s just something about driving around with the wind in your hair and the stereo cranked up that makes a mundane drive more fun. Check out the entire inventory of new and used convertibles by visiting the Chapman Las Vegas website.

An optimistic person might look at the middle of July as being halfway through summer, although the daytime temps don’t really start to cool down until October. A more pessimistic person might see the remaining months as an endless stretch from which there is little relief. Whether you lean toward the positive or negative, there is cool relief just a short drive from the Strip at Mount Charleston. Before you head up the mountain, make sure and stop in at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships to get your fluid levels checked, tires rotated and an oil change if needed.

Ranges up to 12,000 Feet

Even sun worshippers need a break from the unrelenting heat of a Las Vegas summer. With peaks as high as 12,000 feet above sea level, Mount Charleston offers temperatures 25 to 40 degrees cooler than that of the desert. Mount Charleston has 52 miles of hiking trails that will take you past flowers, large trees and even some waterfalls. The Mary Jane Falls trail is one for beginners and families with children that will take you past a seasonal waterfall. Only two miles long, this trail also features a cave for you and the kids to explore. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try the half-day hike at Big Falls or Cathedral Rock. Both offer phenomenal views.

Mount Charleston Lodge Offers Relaxing Weekend

If you only have a couple of days and would rather put your feet up than challenge a trail, consider the Mount Charleston Lodge. At 7,717 feet, you’ll be surrounded by nature, big trees, phenomenal views and the cooler temperatures that you’ve been craving. The Lodge has the only restaurant at the top of Kyle Canyon, serving delicious meals and the famous Mount Charleston Coffee. The Lodge offers 24 cozy cabins where you can lay your head, open a window and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Resort at Mount Charleston Offers Gaming

If you miss the sounds of slot machines or just want to take a break from all the nature while still being surrounded by cool temperatures, the Resort at Mount Charleston offers a rustic, relaxing retreat that includes gaming only 30 minutes from the Strip. This pet-friendly lodge features the same breathtaking views as the local campsites, but lets you relax with amenities like a hot shower, fine restaurants and hand-crafted cocktails. The Lodge also has special event packages for weddings or other celebrations. Get your car ready for the road at a Chapman Las Vegas dealership and then head up the mountains before the summer days give way to winter snow.

How to Know it’s Time for a New Car

While it’s certainly nice not to have a car payment, there are some good reasons to finally give up on your old ride and buy a new vehicle. If you’re current car isn’t safe, is costing you more in repair bills than a monthly payment on a new car, or it just doesn’t fit your transportation needs, it’s time to come into any Chapman Las Vegas dealership and consider a new vehicle. You can do your homework first, searching the inventory on the Chapman Las Vegas website to find just the right vehicle that suits your needs. You can even pre-qualify online, and get a good idea of the monthly payment you can afford.

There’s no Substitute for Safety

Aside from the technological innovations that make new vehicles safer than old vehicles, there comes a time when old Betsy just isn’t safe for the road anymore. If you find your car stalling or losing power without warning, or perhaps a wheel is making a noise like an old steamboat struggling to navigate the Mississippi River, you could be heading for an accident. New vehicles offer safety cage protection that diverts energy away from the occupants in the event of a crash. New vehicles also come with features like backup cameras and sensors that alert you to an impending collision. Air bags, seatbelt pre-tensioners and automatic communication devices that call for help in the event of a wreck are some other reasons to consider a new car.

At Some Point, it’s Cheaper to Buy New

Although you can continue to milk your old ride for quite a while by keeping up with maintenance and spending a few hundred dollars here and there to fix worn out components, at some point the cost of fixing your old car outweighs the price of a new vehicle. Reliability is one factor to consider when weighing whether to buy a new car. Is it a roll of the dice every time you go out to start your vehicle? Missed appointments, being late for work and the hassle factor might be enough to persuade you to buy a new vehicle.

Maybe Your Car Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

That two-seat sports car was awesome when it was just you, and then you and your spouse. But then a kid came along. And a dog. And another kid. And another dog. Pretty soon you needed a trailer to haul the family around. The Chapman Las Vegas dealerships have a wide selection of full-size SUVs, both new and used, that take the work out of transporting your family. You can even keep the sports car for those Sunday brunch outings.

Auto Sales Rep Not Your Enemy

You may have an idea in your head about the typical car salesperson that’s not altogether accurate in the modern world. If a checkered-pants wearing, slick-haired man with white shoes is your idea of the typical car sales associate, you’re living in the 1960s. The world of car sales has evolved over the past couple of decades as consumers have become more educated than ever with Internet tools to help make smart decisions about buying cars. As a result, dealerships like those under the Chapman Las Vegas umbrella are more service oriented than ever, knowing that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Give your local car salesperson (women now make up a large part of the workforce) a chance and you might be surprised how much they can help you find just the right ride.

They Know the Inventory

You could spend all afternoon walking around the lot trying to find that Firecracker Red Wrangler with black cloth interior that you’ve built on the Internet about a hundred times, or you could lower your defenses just a bit and ask a salesperson. A good sales associate, like the ones at the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships, keeps up-to-date on both the new and used car inventory. They know when somebody trades in a low mileage creampuff even if it’s not quite ready to go on the lot. By developing a warm relationship with a sales associate, you can benefit from all their inside knowledge about the vehicles that are on display or hiding somewhere deep on the back lot.

They Want to Make You Happy

A sales associate has absolutely nothing to gain by making you angry. A good sales associate will listen to your needs and concerns and offer to give you plenty of space if you just want to look around. Then, when you do have a question, they’ll be ready with the answer. The 1960s are long gone at most dealerships, including the Chapman Las Vegas new and used car centers. They aren’t going to steal your keys, try to put you into a vehicle you don’t want or try and give you an unfair price for your trade.

They Are Your Ombudsman with Management

At most dealerships, sales associates do not make the final deal. They know approximately what they can–and cannot–sell a vehicle for, but it’s management that authorizes any final arrangements. By sharing what you really need to get a deal done–whether it’s a monthly payment or overall final price, the sales associate can work with management to help make that happen. There’s an old saying that goes “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Replace “mama” with “customer” and you understand the overriding philosophy at Chapman Las Vegas.

If you’re one of those consumers who drives a car until the wheels fall off, then leasing is probably not your best option. On the other hand, if you like the idea of driving a new vehicle every few years, owning a car that’s always under warranty and getting more for your monthly payment, then leasing just might be your best bet. When you’re ready for a new vehicle, sit down with the finance pros at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships for a more thorough understanding of the pros and cons of leasing.

When Leasing is a Good Idea

Traditionally, it takes a little better credit rating to lease a vehicle than it does to buy. One of the reasons for that is the initial down payment is usually lower with a lease. That means a driver has less of a personal investment in the car and could leave the finance company on the hook for more money if the owner decides to stop making payments. If your credit is in good shape and you don’t drive an inordinate number of miles per year, lease payments can be significantly lower than traditional purchases. That means you can get the car with the upgraded stereo, leather seats and moonroof with payments the same or near a vehicle with a lower trim package.

Why Leasing is Not a Good Idea

If you drive a lot of miles, there are some steep penalties for going over the allotted mileage in a lease. There are also penalties for driving a car particularly hard and not keeping up with regular maintenance. Keeping the interior and exterior of the car nice, aside from normal wear and tear, is often spelled out in the lease contract. Although you do have the option of buying out the lease at the end of its term, generally speaking you’re better off purchasing the car through traditional financing if you plan on keeping it for a long time.

Manufacturer Lease Deals Attractive

Do a little research on the Internet before you head into the dealership to see what manufacturers are offering lease deals. Different models and trim packages can have very affordable monthly payments. Remember to check with your insurance agent before you head to the dealership as rates for leased vehicles can be slightly more expensive than those for traditionally financed purchases. The pros at any of the Chapman Las Vegas dealerships will help you understand all the different financing options available and get you the best deal to fit your transportation needs and pocketbook.

Heat is Enemy of Your Car’s Battery

The summer Las Vegas sun is good for some things; tanning by the pool comes to mind, as does keeping the permanent population to a manageable level. One thing it is not good for is extending the life of your car battery. Heat, not cold, is the true enemy of your vehicle’s battery. Just because it comes with a multi-year warranty, your battery may very well not last more than a couple of years after baking in the hot Las Vegas summer. The service pros at Chapman Las Vegas advise there are a few things you can do to extend your battery’s life.

Keep it Clean

To make sure you are taking full advantage of your vehicle’s charging system, it’s important to keep your battery clean and eliminate any corrosive materials. Dirt and grease can accumulate on the battery, which serves to draw power away from the cells. If that goes on long enough, one or more cells in your battery will fail, leaving you stranded (usually on the hottest day of the year) in a mall parking lot. Bring your vehicle into the service department of any Chapman Las Vegas dealership for a complete electrical system checkup. The technicians will not only clean your battery terminals, but make sure the battery has the proper amount of water. They’ll also check your alternator and entire electrical system to make sure its operating properly.

Get a Cooling System Flush

As long as you have your vehicle in for service, ask about a cooling system flush. The Chapman Las Vegas technicians will force all the gunk and old anti-freeze out of your cooling system using a pressurized attachment. This not only gets rid of old corrosive materials, but can help identify any areas that are leaking, or about to leak. With fresh coolant and brand new belts and hoses, your cooling system will be ready to take on those seemingly endless days of triple digit temperatures.

Check Those Tires

The summer Vegas heat isn’t only hard on the battery and cooling system, it can also play havoc with your tires. It’s important to maintain the manufacturer-suggested tire pressure, as tires react to the rapidly changing outside temps. According to Fox5 of Las Vegas, Freeway Patrol drivers respond to numerous breakdowns that could be avoided with a little preventive maintenance. “We’re running into a lot of people who are just neglecting their cooling system, the tire pressure and the tires themselves,” Freeway Patrol driver Eric Roberts told the station. “If your air pressure is low, the tire temperature rises and that’s what causes a lot of damage on the freeway.” Getting regular oil changes and vehicle inspections at your Chapman Las Vegas service center can mean the difference between a trouble-free summer and one spent standing alongside the road waiting for help.